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Because this was a VERY busy weekend!

We woke up to 27* on Saturday. Poor Sam was *freezing*, and I had to do something. Friday I had tried to buy him a new sweater, but there were none to be found around here. What to do?

Well, I hit the craft department and found a pattern for a dog coat (I wanna call my new business "Dog Togs", because it just rolls off the tongue so well. :lol:), and some nice-looking fleece in colors that would look nice on Sam. I got home and traced off the pattern (because it's multi-sized, and I was hoping it would fit at least 3 of our dogs), then tried to tissue-fit Sam.

See, he's a McCall's "small"....sort of. I had to add 4" to the drop, and 2" to each of the front straps. Anyway...

Saturday AM I cut out the coat and whipped it up. It fits - really well! Only, Tigger looked at me, all cold and I measured her. Seems that the modified small fits her exactly. I dug out some denim scraps and whipped *her* up a coat (it has a fleece lining to keep it warm)

2016 Dog Togs Tigger and Sam

Then Loki got in on the "poor me" act...I don't have a photo of his coat, but it's a heavily modified Large (an aside: WHAT breed of dog is McCall's using for their sizing? Sam is small...fat, but small. Tigger...should be a small without any modifiers. Loki? I'd call him a Medium. Instead he's a very heavily modified Large - I had to add 2" to the end, and *8"* to the drop. The straps work with the addition, but the neck needs to be re-done; he's got such a broad chest that it doesn't really fit right.) It's also denim with a fleece liner.

Sunday AM I started dyeing yarn. My knitting mojo is still MIA, but my fingers are getting twitchy. (It's the current in-progress sock. I started it in the hospital, and the yarn colors are unfortunate.) There are 2 socks I really want to get to (errr....well, there's more than that in the queue, but..these 2 I *really* want to start.)...another pair of Yaacov for *me*, and Quantum Paratsox by the late, great Tsock Tsarina (her ideas about sock-knitting were innovative. And wild! She will be missed!). Only, Quantum Paratsox is a kit, and the yarn colors....are NOT going to be worn here in Dallas Cowboys territory (think Washington Redskins. :shudder: Not gonna happen! :lol:)

So. I fired up the dye pots, and ended up with this:

2016 Quantum Paratsox yarn

Bonus points if you get the reference to the colors. :rofl: (Think gaming. "You look so majestic, like an Eagle. Piloting a blimp." :snicker: "How are you holding up? Because I am a potato." :rofl:)

Then I pulled out 2 double sock blanks and started painting.

2016 Yaakov sock blanks

*IF* I figured it right and IF I painted the stripes the right widths, I'll end up with no overlaps. :fingers crossed: We'll see....

(You remember Yaacov, right? Here, let me refresh your memory:

2015 Yaakov Socks V.2.0

The yarn needs to have long stripes, and the crazier the colors, the better.) Yes, there are some blips and bleeds, but...I think this'll work. The colors are a LOT brighter than what my phone shows!

Then I sat down at the sewing machine and whipped up a cover for Herself's iMac:

2016 MLP iMac cover

:shakes head: She chose the fabric. It's her current of the joys of living with an Aspie. I am going to go's MLP, all the time. :shudder: I've seen worse shows, but......the voices! The voices are annoying!

Today was a bit boring - I traced off my bombacha pattern. I'll whip up a wearable muslin this's hoping! I've wanted some bombachas for *years* (from 1994!),'s the time. Then maybe my mojo will be back and I can bang out some new socks. I am always in need of new socks!
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Yesterday we picked up the Fair entries, then stopped at the Post Office. My 2nd sock blank had come in, so we went home and I fired up the dye pot - sorta.

Because I was dyeing the blank for a specific pattern (Yaacov), I had to dye it in LONG color runs (hence the blank - I have photos, and will post them once the blanks are dry.) So....I mixed up the 6 colors in disposable cups, grabbed some foam brushes, and Herself and I set about painting the blanks. a very messy project. The dye leaked thru 3 towels and onto my blocking mats (which is why I had put them down on the island top - just in case.) It was also a very TIME-CONSUMING project; I think it took us 2 hours to paint both blanks - and we were each doing 1!

Still....the end result was worth it. I am hoping it knits up as loudly as it looks. :lol:

Today I mowed the front yard, then fired up the (real) dye pots. I have 2 new sock patterns I wanted to kit up, so I wound 9 skeins of yarn and went to town. (Photos of them later, too.)

I'm trying something new with the blue skein; the blanks had to be steamed to set the dyes, so I am trying that with the Turquoise skein. I processed it like normal (20 minutes in almost boiling water, then let it set until cool), and it was still bleeding color. So, I crammed it into a large Ziplock and am currently steaming it (20 minutes, then let cool in steamer). Hopefully it'll mean no dye bleeding off. IF it works, I'm going to grab the socks that I have that are still bleeding dye and I'll steam *them*, to try and set it. :fingers crossed:

Passover begins Friday evening - this is your PSA to start getting rid of all leaven in your house! We are eating baked goods like mad here - I didn't realize we had so many leavened products! :lol:
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so it's quiet around here. Today there's no rain, just cool and damp and muddy. :sigh: Still - not complaining! We NEED the rain - the more, the better!

Spent today dyeing wool for 3 more pairs of socks. Faded black and bronze for Theseus and the Minotaur, purple and gold for La Mancha's Giants and green and orange :snicker: for Celeigh in the crew sock version. (Why the snicker? Because Green and Orange are the colors representing the Protestants and the Catholics.....I was in a silly mood, singing Irish folk songs when I remembered this pattern, and, well......there ya go. Irish shamrock socks. :lol:) (The links are to Ravelry's database; supposedly that is viewable to EVERYONE, member or not. If you can't see them, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.)

I turned the heel on the first Celtic Pennies sock. getting better at short-row heels, but I don't *like* them yet. Still - this year's goal is to become comfortable with different types of heels, so I'll keep trying.

Break time's over - I need to get back to the socks. Gotta get finished so I can knit something else! :lol:
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and an apology - I'm trying to cut back on Internet time so as to get all the knitting done. I have half a scarf, 2 hats and 1 (2) pair(s) of socks to get done by Dec. 16. :sigh: So, less reading/commenting/posting for a bit.

Anyway, photos! Click for photos! )
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because I don't have much else. Except a weekend recap.....

Saturday, Loki had a vet appointment. He's all healthy - and they were excited to see him. Seems that their vet tech volunteers at the shelter 2 towns over (where we got Loki); he whelped out the mother. So, Loki kinda came "home". :lol: He was such a good boy while there! He now weighs 17 pounds, and is just a bundle of cuteness and mischief!

We also hit 2 yarn stores....and I walked away with NOTHING. I was looking for a set of US 1.5 Karbonz DPNs....and neither store had them. The first one was out of that size, and tried to sell me size 1's (ummmm. I *need* the 1.5 to get gauge - on 1's I had too many stitches/inch, and on 2's I had too few. 1.5's I am spot why would I go DOWN in needle size???) and the 2nd...well, I am not a fan of them anyway. They didn't carry Karbonz....but offered me *plastic*. Um. I don't DO plastic, thank you very much - I told her, if my laminates are bending, why do you think plastic would work? And metal hurts my hands.....:sigh: (I'm not naming either store - the first one I like; they're usually wonderful to shop at. The 2nd...I've had some not-so-nice trips there. We only stopped there because we were in town, and I really, really *need* the replacement needles.) We got home, and after sundown SG ordered me a set online (for $5 LESS than the first store had hers marked. And free shipping. :sigh:)

SG ordered a part for his lathe - some sort of chuck for turning bowls and stuff. Rockler was right across the street from store #2, so we stopped in. They wanted $159 for a chuck.....we found one online for $89. WITH a few more accessories. I try to shop local, I really do - but with savings like this, I'm beginning to wonder WHY I insists on doing so.

Anyway, yesterday was Dye day. (I was putting off working on firebird....). I dyed up quite a bit of yarn:

Sept. dye day results

10 dyepots in total. (The black were both done in the same batch). The top is the "final" Peacock color way, the smaller skein is for the embroidery on those socks (me); the black and fluorescent yellow are for a pair of Radioactive socks (Herself); the next 5 skeins are for a pair of Dalek socks (Herself) - I still need to dye a regular yellow, and the orange was supposed to be a golden brown; the Red/White/Blue is for a pair of Texas Rangers socks (me); and the chocolate/white skeins are for a pair of Sherlock socks (me).

The Dalek socks aren't going to use all that yarn - it just requires a lot of colors. I'll have to figure out what to do with the leftovers. I took decent notes, so I should be able to recreate them if needed; the Peacock one will be hardest to match, but I should have enough for a pair (I wound 10 yards more than the firebird kit calls for.)

Speaking of firebird, I managed to (finally!) turn the heel:

Firebird foot top

Firebird foot side view

The pattern calls for a short-row heel with wraps.....I hate short-row heels with a passion, because I ALWAYS get holes at the point of turning. I decided to try the technique touted by Pricilla Gibson-Roberts; she uses yarn-overs at the point of turning. It sounds totally off-base - deliberately putting a HOLE at the turning points - but it worked! Eventually.

The first attempt looked *horrible*. I said a few things, ripped back to the lifeline, and tried again. I don't know what I did differently, but it worked the 2nd time and actually looks nice. And - NO holes! We'll see how this sock fits...but SG needs this type of heel, so now I have a good one in my "tool box".

I am liking how the sock is turning out - and yes, I will be knitting me a pair in my Peacock yarn. Eventually. I still prefer top-down construction....but I LOVE the lace foot on these. I must have a pair.....:lol: Guess I should get back to knitting....the sooner it's done, the sooner I can start a new pattern. (Actually, next up is a scarf for Himself - he asked - ASKED! - for a cabled sock. Must encourage the knit-wear!)
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because pictures or it didn't happen, right? :wink:

Click for photos! )
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Spent yesterday thinking about a yarn....and I managed to *almost* dye up what I had imagined. Self-striping skein of sock yarn in 4 colors, done in 1 batch. It was easy - I just need to change a few things and try again. :lol:

I mixed up 4 dye batches, with colors pulled from Van Gogh's "Sunflowers" painting. Yellow, Orange, Brown, and Moss Green. Each batch was in a half-gallon jar (first mistake!), I mixed it up at 1/4 teaspoon each color (2nd mistake!); I wet the skein (400 yards), picked it up and formed a sloppy square, then pulled the 4 corners to the center (leaving a sort of 4-legged octopus, if that makes sense). Each of the 4 legs went into it's own jar; I had put the jars in my dyepot, filled the pot with water up to almost the top of the dye mixture. I added 1/4 cup vinegar to each jar, and processed it like I normally do (high simmer for 30 minutes).

Problem 1: too much dye in the mix. It wouldn't exhaust, and I had a LOT of run-off.

Problem 2: the jars were too tall; my yarn only reached maybe 1/4 the way down. LOTS of dye never hit the yarn.

So. I had a lovely skein of yarn at the end of 1 hour (because I was trying to exhaust all the dye, I added more vinegar at the 30 minute mark and kept going.). I pulled the yarn out of the jars, and plopped it into the hot dyepot, to try and heat-set the dye. Unfortunately, the brown and green started running.....I ended up with a skein with about 6 colors - RED (because I had to mix yellow and red for the orange, but it didn't stay mixed up. Live and learn!), orange, yellow, an ugly green/yellow, black (from the brown), brown, and a weird brownish green. Guess that's 7 colors in all. :lol:

Anyway, the skein is still drying. While it's not exactly what I had in mind, it's nice. Herself pointed out that the Impressionist artists usually mixed all their colors; they didn't use "pure" ones. That makes me feel better! :rofl: It'll make a nice pair of socks....and I already have plans for a Degas color way (pinks and blues with some black). Instead of half-gallon jars, I'm going to use pint jars and see how that works. If it works, then I can do others - Hassam (pink, orange, white, blue), Manet (black, yellow, brown), Gauguin (royal blue, orange, brown, white), Seurat (yellow, blue, orange, white, red) Renoir (green, yellow, brown, sky blue), Cezanne (black, white, red) - the list goes on and on! :lol:

Today was cheese-making. Manchego this time, per SG's request. I have 11 gallons of milk in the freezer, and 1.5 in the fridge (with another .5 to come tonight...and tomorrow morning, and tomorrow evening...:lol:) I need to make soap, but I haven't been in the mood.....ah, well. I have plenty - I just want another use for the milk. Guess I need to make some yogurt soon. And pudding. And Ice Cream....:lol:

Photo Post!

Aug. 4th, 2014 08:01 am
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I've been I thought I'd share some photos! I put them under a cut because there are 4 of them. Click for pictures! )
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I need to rest my wrist a bit - I'm halfway down the foot of Lizard Sock #1 - so I decided I needed to play with the dye pots today. :happy dance: I LOVE playing with color!

I pulled out 3 sock patterns I want in the queue - celtic knot, hieroglyphic, and sheep - and figured out what color combinations I wanted them in. Last night I wound the skeins, and today I am adding color.

The Celtic socks will be Royal Blue and Emerald. The Hieroglyphic socks will be Teal (sort of an "old" teal - it's not a saturated color, but it's pretty, and sort of aged looking. Not what I was going for, but I like it!) and brown (that's up next; I'm going for sort of a soft, warm brown, but the depot may have other ideas. :lol:) and the Sheep socks will be Black and Periwinkle (which is sort of a greyish-purpleish color.)

I also wound a 400-yard skein for SG's Tardis socks; I have my notes from mine and will dye his to match.

Dyeing takes maybe 30 minutes per color run - in my dyepot that's 1 or 2 skeins. Then I let them cool, rinse them, and hang them to dry. Later this week (Lord willing!) I'll ball them up and bag them with the patterns, so I have "kits" ready to go.

I'm contemplating a multi-color skein - my favorite combo of Purple/Teal/Blue - but....we'll see how long my enthusiasm lasts today. :snicker: I need a few 1-skein patterns, to clear the palette between fair isle projects......:hmmmmm:

It's cool and overcast again today - perfect for doing inside projects. Or outside ones that need to get done while it's cool. Hope y'all are enjoying y'all's day!
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A couple more pictures - this time of fiber-y stuff.

I'll be nice again and cut it for you )

That should be it for a while...I need to check out my other photos and see what I have and what I need to take photos of. (I love my new camera. LOVE it. :grin:)
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so, let's get to it, shall we?

Saturday )

Sunday )

Monday )

With the exception of yesterday afternoon, it was a great weekend.
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OK, so I finally sat down and uploaded some pictures. I haven't updated the webpage yet, but I *did* upload the pictures to my LJ scrapbook.

Cut to spare my friends pages )

Oh, wow!

May. 2nd, 2007 08:35 am
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I love it when dye experiments work out! I have 4 oz of the loveliest, fire-y-est wool drying in my bathroom right now. Bright reds/fuschias/oranges/yellows, all flame-y and warm looking....

Gotta get the wool/silk off the wheel so I can dive into this! Soon as it's dry, I'll get pictures.......

Hmmmm....wonder what I can do with the blue...:grin:
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that lovely saffron wool. It's in a Fire-y dyepot as we speak (type? Whatever) I'm hoping it turns out like it currently looks - spots of yellow, red, red-orange, and fuschia. Yum!

*That* will be my next spinning project, I's lovely!

:eyeballs the new stash: Wonder what colors I can dnk some of the blue lagoon in?


Apr. 27th, 2007 11:08 am
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Finally! Been a long week...and the weekend looks to be even longer, but hey - at least I'll be at home!

Looked at the garage this AM - looks good. Not as daunting today as it was last night - I still have a pile o'crap to haul off before moving furniture, but I can see the floor now. :grin: I'm dreading unloading the fiber....seriously. I have *no* clue what all's in there....

Nearing the end of sock #2. I'm cruising on down the foot now - 28 rounds to go before starting the toe. Whee! Of course, I'm starting to slow down - the realization that I need to plan a new project is creeping up on I'll knit slower to put it off a bit longer. :grin:

I miss my AM phone calls from the MIL..but oh, well. That situation will either work itself out, or not, and there's nothing I can do about it. It hurts...but she made her choice, and left me No Choice. :sigh:

Ah, well - I forsee lots of stash shopping tomorrow, and dyepots galore. IF I get the stuff done early....which I think I will...if not, then Sunday will feature lots of color.
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and I think we are done. I hope so, anyway - taxes aren't due until Tuesday (Emancipation day = Monday, = Gov't holiday), but I'm tired of looking at forms and financial statements and spreadsheets.

Still working on sock #2. I am halfway thru the first pattern repeat (it's a 24 round repeat), and it's looking good. Sock #1 was duly admired at church this morning :smile:

Ugh. I'll be so glad when April is Over......

Next weekend is the Heritage Festival. Should be fun - I have been asked to bring wildly-colored wool, and toys, and and and.....we'll see what I come up with. I need to shop the stash and figure out what would be considered "wild". [ profile] ritaspins37, you would't happen to have any more clown-spore laying around, would ya? :grin:
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a blue ring finger, and a purple pinky! EE Dyes will do it every time - and the wool is *fabulous*!

4 oz of a lovely spring green, 2 oz of saffron yellow, 2 oz of rose-ish pink, 2 oz of purple, and 2 oz of blue. So far. I still have 2 oz ready to dye, and another pound of wool sitting around. Guess I need to break out the Kool-Aid next! *g*

And, anyone got any good domain registrars? I need to transfer my domain from my brother to me.....I can't use godaddy, since that's where he's at, and they won't let me transfer. :pout:



May. 8th, 2006 07:56 pm
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That thud you heard around 1 PM was my jaw hitting the driveway. My vet came, gave shots, drew blood...and $450 later, the horses have (almost) all been vaccinated and the mares cleared for breeding. (Finn is the holdout - Doc gave the 2 girls their shots and left the ones for the other 4. I did them tonight...but Finn needs someone much stronger than my mother to hold him while I stick 3 needles in his butt.)

He also left me 2 doses of...Progestin I think he called it. Basically, it'll make sure neither mare has an oops baby thanks to Dusty the wonder idiot. 5 days after this cycle is done I need to pop their rumps again, and it'll take care of anything that may - or may not - have...stuck.

Himself's doctor appointment went wonderfully well. He is no longer a patient of the Pulmology department. Hip hip huzzah! The cough? That's been bugging the crap outta me? Is nothing more than habit now. We're working on breaking it.

Dyed 6 oz of wool today. 4 oz a nice, bright spring green and 2 oz a bright, saffron yellow - all with Easter Egg Dyes. Need to get some blue, purple, and pink next - this is prep for my "Spring" socks. I'm thinking fair isle-ish something, green background and variously-colored "blooms". Maybe...this is subject to change, of course. *g*

48 seems to be the "magic" number for these socks, in *this* pattern, in *this* yarn, with *these* needles. Looks great, fits nicely - so I get to keep going this time instead of frogging (again) - Huzzah!
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this weekend. Everything is packed, in the front room, ready to be loaded in the van tonight. Garb is laid out, clean, ready to jump into in the AM. Kids suitcase is at the daycare, and they are ready to rock and roll. (Did I mention the bliss I will be feeling tonight? No kids? House to myself?????)

I spent last night dyeing Border Leiscester locks.....with Easter Egg Dye. Nice, bright, happy, spring-type colors. This is for the Demo next weekend at the Terrell Library (drop by, if you're in the area! It'll be fun!) I'll demo handcarding as well as spinning, Lady S is weaving on the table loom, and another friend (no LJ) will be demo-ing spinning and inkle-weaving.

Speaking of weaving, I have wound the warp for the table loom...just need to actually thread it. I'm off on Monday, so that's what I plan to do - warp the loom. Some sort of twill pattern (haven't decided, so I'm bringing the pattern book to Bedford tomorrow and will let S. decide. *g*) Also need to crank out some more socks. And spin. Must get reaquainted with my wheel(s).

I'll have an Ashford skein-winder for sale soon....if you're interested, let me know. I'm thinking $20 - $25 for it - it's in good shape, works well, but I just bought a clock reel and don't have room for both. (The reel is due in sometime next week.)

Guess I should pretend to work now....


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