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There I was, happily cranking out the husband's cashmere sock #2....when I noticed I was VERY low on yarn. I got the last 2 toe decreases...and I have 1 yard left. :head desk: He, for some reason, doesn't want a bright blue toe on his lovely olive-y green socks (I refuse to use anything BUT the cashmere blend for these - why have cashmere socks if the toe is plain wool???) sock knitting is put on the back burner until we can get another skein of the Olive. :gulp: Good news is that *I* will get a pair of Olive Cashmere socks....that I (honestly?) don't want. :sigh: Ah, well....I made the legs too long. I forgot that the 72 cylinder uses more yarn each rotation, AND that his foot is longer than mine. :sigh: THAT won't happen again!

We're waiting for the installers. :finger tapping:

Saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday. The whole time I'm thinking, "Man. Someone wants the Sheeple primed and ready for a 1-world gov't. And "black/dark arts"." Seriously - that's the plot, in a nutshell. (Well, that and the implication - NEVER said, mind you, but there - that Holmes and Watson are a couple. Sweet Geek ardently refutes that...but there were quite a few scenes of the 2 of them arguing just like a long-married couple. And the....the whole chemistry was not "friends". The 2 women leads were....well, it felt like they were there to legitimize the men, if you understand what I mean. :shrug:) The movie also ended with the promise of a sequel.

It wasn't a BAD movie...but.....I dunno.

Guess I need to get back on the sweater.......I wanted Sweet Geek to have warm, toasty toes tomorrow. Alas, he'll have to wait. Bummer - now I have to order more yarn. :lol: (And no, it was NOT done on purpose. I really don't need 2 pairs of cashmere socks - not at *that* price.)
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and I'm at home, cranking out socks. Have 2 pair done (except for the toe closing), and 1/2 of another. Want to get 3 more pair done today...but we'll see. I'm getting tired of cranking! :lol:

This pair is out of the Cashmere blend. It's so Soft....there are *clouds* that aren't as soft as this yarn! The sock feels soft and cushy.....I'm thinking I'll need them tomorrow, since they are predicting 3" of snow. :snerk:

Himself is doing just fine and dandy. Stinker. We're monitoring the milk situation......I feel like that's the problem. :shrug: Only time will tell.

The first pair of socks I did was out of the Noro Silk Garden. Gah - I HATE that yarn! I really hope it softens up in the wash - the yarn felt plasticy and icky. The sock machine didn't like it, either - it's not evenly spun. The colors are really gross.....the photo showed blues and greens. It has them...but it also has yellows, pinks, oranges, and reds. They...well, they don't match, which is fine with me, but the colors are really ugly. :shrug:

Need to get on Sweet Geek's cardigan......but want to get these socks done, too. I *need* socks. He *needs* his sweater...:lol:
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Let's see, the final tally yesterday was 4 complete pairs of socks. So, since Sunday, that means I've ripped thru 12 balls of yarn, for a total of 6 pairs of socks. Not bad for about 8 hours of cranking! (And 2 hours of grafting...but we won't go into that. By sock #3, I wanted to knit hats. By sock #7, I wanted to poke my eyes out with my darning needle and switch to knitting nothing but scarves. By sock #12, it was FUN FUR scarves. :lol: And, I LIKE grafting stitches!)

Anyway, since I'm off and have time, and am avoiding my chullo (3 colors per row....I'm almost done with the first round of motifs, and about to start the 2nd..there are 3 motifs total. :sigh: It's gonna be a GREAT hat, but.....I prefer socks. Even now. :lol:), I decided to show what a "standard", per-the-instructions-that-came-with-the-original-CSM socks look like, and compare them to *my* favorite way to knit them on the CSM.

It's photo time! )
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I've been busy! We got home yesterday at 4 PM...BTW, do NOT go to the Mall. I mean, I *knew* that, but figured hey, it's Monday; it's after lunch; bad could it be?

15 minutes to find a parking space way the hell away from the mall. People were parking on the MEDIANS, they were parking BEHIND other cars - it was nuts. Still. Got into the was a Madhouse. People, people everywhere...but know what? They were buying, but not spending lots of money. Lots of frantic activity...but it had this....almost desperate feeling about it. Strange.

Went to Lush - I needed some new hair mask and shampoo. I was the ONLY person in there buying more than 1 item....and I only got 5 things. The store was PACKED - to the point that I sent the kids outside to a bench to wait for me. The Puzzle Place was just as bad....and Herself bought more stuff (for $11!) then anyone else. Lego Store = ditto, only Himself didn't buy anything. He was OK...he had his heart set on a Nerf Vulcan...something or other. Mega-maxi belt-fed dart gun thing. That he's shooting the dogs with. :lol:

Anyway - digression over. My socks, let me show you them! )
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We got here at 7 AM; by 7:30 I was DONE. Figures. *I* had counted on Murphy's Law, and that the 'net would be down, or the printer jammed, or something...nope. It all went quickly. :sigh: We're stuck until the FA gets here. I emailed him....we'll see.

The kids had a fun time on the drive in - all the Big Buildings! The Lights! Then NAMES on the buildings! (We're from a small town, ya'll - this is cool stuff when you're 12 and 9!). Stopped at "my" Starbucks - they LOVED that! The baristas LOVED Herself's fish hat...and then Sweet Geek surprized us by showing up as well. :huggles:

Let's see...the sock total for the weekend is 6.25. Sweet Geek has 3 new pairs of socks (2 need the toes closed), and Herself has 1/4 of one done. It would have been more, but I was futzing with the CSM.

See......I have 2 CSMs. No, I didn't *pay* for 2 complete ones - I can't afford that! When I bought mine in 2001, it was $650 (and that's STILL a lot of money!) - there were no new ones available, only reconditioned ones. This one arrived in ready-to-knit shape, with 2 cylinders, 1 ribber, all the accessories, and needles. It was set up with the 54 cylinder, which is PERFECT for me and the kids. (There are new ones out now, from New Zealand. The *cheapest* I've seen them for is $1,500....which is WAY out of my league. The $650 was, too...but my first husband and I had a deal - if one of us spent over $100 on something not necessary (like.....more firearms/costuming stuff/whatever), the spouse got the SAME amount in cash to spend as they liked. My husband was a gun collector....I get having some, I really do...but when he died, I unloaded (pun intentional): 4 single-actions, 3 long rifles, 1 pre-ban semi-auto, 2 authentic Colt revolvers (1 2nd gen, 1 3rd gen), 1 semi-auto (I kept 1, as well), and I don't know HOW many knives/swords/ammo. It was...well.....MORE than enough. Honestly. Oh - I forgot the black powder pistol - THAT's the one I got my CSM from. And I didn't spend as much as he did on that particular pistol. :sigh: It's also why I have a small spinning wheel collection, and such a nice loom (although I traded up on it.)

Years went by...and Sweet Geek came along. He was fascinated by the CSM (most guys are - they're very cool-looking machines!), and wanted socks. So, I obliged. The 54 made a sock too small for him - he has lovely legs, perfect for kilt hose..but they're a bit larger than mine. So...deep breath...we switched the cylinders. The 72 will spit out socks, but the ribber doesn't work with it (still not sure why....I have a few ideas, though.) Anyway...switching the cylinders is *work*, and takes I've left the 72 in, and not done socks for me or the kids (the 72 makes socks that sag on me. :sigh: NOT good in a sock!)

About...6 months or so ago, I found a CSM frame and cam ring on eBay. I showed it to Sweet Geek, explained that IF it worked, we would effectively have 2 CSMs. He told me *he'd* go as high as $125 (still a lot of money, but IF it worked, a bargain!) I bid. And won. Got it, unpacked it, put it all together with my 54 cylinder..and ignored it. (That's my SOP with expensive new things.....if I'm not sure of it, I ignore it. It's worked so far! :lol:)

Anyway. Last night, I decided to take the plunge. I oiled it up, added needles, and started cranking with waste yarn. After fiddling with the tension (it was WAY too loose), I added in some waste sock yarn...and got a perfect tube! I added in Herself's yarn, and am now down to the heel. It works!!!! Haven't tried the ribber with it yet, but I now have 2 working CSMs! I can crank out socks for everybody now, with no time-consuming changes! :happy dance:

So...I'm back to my: hand-knit the awesome yarn, crank up the not-so-awesome. I'm also doing a comparison - cranking out a pair, AND hand-knitting a pair of some yarns, to compare the life/feel of the socks. So far, Lorna's Laces does about the same both ways, the Salvia is DEFINATELY a CSM yarn, and Trekking can go either way. The life seems about the same for both ways. :shrug: The CSM excels in plain-Jane socks. You CAN do some pattern-knitting on it, but for miles and miles of plain knit it can't be beat. I went thru the stash yesterday...I got a lotta cranking to do. :lol:

Back to waiting.....the kids are quietly reading, I'm about to grab my knitting. Life is good!
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see, the office is Closed. Until 2010. We do this every year....only, *I* have to go in for a few hours to do the contract work. Meh, no biggie....

I will be hauling the kidlets in with me. I've got most of the work done - just need to print off a few things, then get approval from the Financial Advisor and print the checks. Then we're done.

We'll be meeting Sweet Geek for lunch, then hitting the Mall :shudder: so the kids can spend their holiday funds/allowances. I need to hit Lush for some conditioner.....then it's home again, home again. The kids are excited. :shrug:

Socks....Sweet Geek now has 3 pairs of new socks. I need to switch to the 54 cylinder and crank some out for Herself and me. Himself said he *didn't need any more socks* :gasp: :twitch: I had to sit down - the room spun around for a few minutes, there - I mean, HOW can the child of a dedicated SOCK KNITTER say that he DOES NOT NEED any more socks? (I'm still woozy over that one..:lol:) I need to find some more pretty yarn for him, I think....

Sweet Geek made Leek Soup tonight. Smells good, but has potatoes in it, so no Soup for Me. :lol:

I'll try to post tomorrow...but it might be late. I'm gonna go work on some yarn reviews now. :grin:
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Let's see...yesterday, I knit my sweet Husband 1.5 pairs of socks. 1 Pair is FINISHED (even the toes are grafted closed!); the other, I'm at the heel of #2. Yes, I used the Sock Machine. No, the ribber still doesn't work. :sigh:

Still, almost 2 complete pairs of socks - not bad. It would have been more, but I spent 3 hours futzing with the blasted ribber (it worked on the 54 cylinder (for mine and the kids' socks), but I do his on the 72. For some reason, it does NOT like the 72). I finally gave up - it would knit fine, I'd add the ribber, it'd knit fine, I'd transfer the would rib *1* round, then go all to hell. :sigh: I have...a very interesting tube. :lol:

I decided heck with it - I did 1 pair of socks with a mock rib cuff. The 2nd pair I simply knit with 1 out of 4 needles out. The mock rib cuff looks better - I think that's what he'll be getting from now on. The 2nd pair has small holes where I added the needles back....not large holes, and they're secure, they just look...a bit lace-y for a guy. HE likes them, and that's what counts.

Today, we will run to Home Depot and Wally-world, then I'll sit and crank out more socks. A couple more pairs for him, then I'll switch to the 54 and crank out some for the kids and me. My socks are all old (most of them are 7 years old now!) and starting to show it, so I need to replace them. The kids....well, they'll be getting tube socks. They're still growing. :grin:

This'll get rid of the cheap sock yarn, and make room for the "good" stuff I just bought.

Also, I think I'll do some yarn reviews...I've knit with enough sock yarns now, and worn the socks long enough, that I think I need to do this. It'll help me when I go to buy more yarn (you can never have enough socks! :lol:) It'll also be interesting to see how the CSM-made socks compare to handknits.
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The New Moon was officially sighted over Israel *yesterday*, Sept. 20. Which mean RH *officially* began *Yesterday*, NOT the 19th (when sighting the moon was impossible over Israel.). Interesting times we live in!

Have a headache this AM - lack of sleep. I keep hearing things - and it's not the cow-alarm, this time. :lol:

Am wearing my McLellan socks today - they make me happy.

Knit a pair of socks for Sweet Geek on the CSM out of the other skein of Adorn. It's amazing what a difference the lack of pattern makes in multi-colored yarn. Yes, I have photos in the camera; no, I didn't bring the card with me today. :sigh: I really need to do a post showing things from the beginning - the sash, then the yarn, then both pairs of socks. It's amazing what 3 Irish Girls came up with!

Am pleased with the progress on the barn - if someone else had to step in and finish it, they could, without a lot of confusion. It will DEFINATELY have to be painted, though - the blue looks sad and forlorn. Red would be a much nicer choice - and look better, too! :lol:

Must hunt down some asprin....
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And Rosh Hashanah starts tonight at sundown. I won't be around until Sunday, at the earliest, unless this is *the* year RH is fulfilled, so......Happy New Year!

I'm still working on the Sabbath post, but stuff's been squirrelly around here. I'm almost totally caught up at work (which is....Odd. I mean, TOTALLY caught up. To the point of posting the end-of-month checks Today caught up.), but the boss has been in, so I can't work on personal stuff. No matter how important it is. :grin:

Short version: The Sabbath is a day in which you do no ORDINARY/REGULAR work. NOT a day you do no work at all. This is per Scripture......also, only Yah can make things Holy/clean - NOT man. For a rabbi to declare lobster "clean" or kosher....that's a type of arrogance *I* do not want to associate with. (For a water creature to be clean, or food, it MUST have both fins AND scales. A lobster has's NOT food. End of discussion.)

Am working on Sweet Geek's socks on the CSM. I've given up on the ribber - it doesn't seem to like the Adorn Sock yarn. EVERY time I try, it drops stitches - last night, it dropped *19*. :sigh: I pulled everything off, re-wound the ball, and started again, this time in "mock rib" (3 cyl needles in, 1 out, all the way around). I've knit the cuff, and am now picking up the non-stitches - in RIB - to create the 3x1 ribbing. I'll go from there in plain stockinette. A pain, yes - but it'll give me socks this way without much cussing and moaning. :lol:

Must run - gotta finish my letter before and get it printed. (Yes, I have a letter, just in case this is the year. Need to list where things are, and what's going to happen, for those family members that aren't Raptured.) If it's not this year, well, I'll update the letter again next year.

Happy New Year!
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won't know about lunch until 10-ish - Sweet Geek is out at the new warehouse this AM and might not get back to this part of town in time. :sigh: Anyway, random stream of thoughts here:

Goats: Did you know that you can use a Turkey Fryer to pastuerise milk? :blink: I think we have a winner, here - "real" units run $200+ on Ebay. (You kinda want to pastuerise the milk you're gonna use for cheese. No, it's not a HAVE to, but if you want to be able to replicate the receipe, you want to pastuerise to kill off all the "bad" bacteria so, when you add your starter (like for cheddar, mozzerella, etc), you know EXACTLY what's in it. :shrug:) Since my co-worker thinks she has a Turkey Fryer in her garage, I think we're set. :lol:

Sock Machine: We won a new frame/cam ring/crank yesterday on eBay, so that I'll be able to set up both cylinders. (Most CSMs come with 2 cylinders - 1 with less slots than the other. My LeGare has a 72 (used for Sweet Geek; also used for finer, dressier sock yarns) and a 54 (*my* cylinder, good all-around size). The ribber is the same for both, so....IF this one works (looks like it will), I'll have 2 working CSMs. I won't have to stop and change out the cylinders whenever I want to make socks for me/Sweet Geek/the kids (they need the 54 right now, too). :whee: I need to get a dial adjuster (it's a flat piece of metal) and a new spring (think an "O" ring will work...we'll see) and maybe some new needles - but the big part is acquired. :huzzah:

Stuff: We are looking for a 2nd refrigerator, to hold the eggs/milk/cheese in. Fun stuff - Craigs List is CRAZY. You can tell the economy sucks - people are unloading stuff left and right. It's sad....especially since most of the bargains are gone - used to, people would dump it for whatever they could get. Now, they're asking more than 1/2 retail....which is bad for bargain-hunters like me. I can't blame'd figure with the economy so bad they'd be happy to take whatever they could get. I'm sorry, but $300+ for a 5+ year old refrigerator is just too much. :sigh:

I think Himself's goldfish is about to go fins-up. :sigh: I don't know WHAT is going on in his tank. We dumped half the water out after fish #1 died, and changed the filter. I didn't do anything when fish #2 died except change the food and the filter (wait - maybe I did clean the tank again) this one is on his way out. :sigh: When he does go, we'll strip the tank, bleach it, wash it, bleach it again, wash it again, let it set, then hit it with boiling water, rinse it, let it set, and rinse it again. Put in all new gravel/decor/whatever...and maybe switch to a different type of fish. I dunno..... I always draw the fresh water and let it sit a few hours before adding it to the tank, so it outgasses....I'm at a total loss here. :sigh:

It was a 2 dog night last night - both dogs slept with me. Not sure *why*, but it was nice. Sweet Geek was at his aunt's, and the kids were with G'ma, so it was all nice and quiet at the homefront. Until Zoey started barking at Bailey because he was snoring. We got that sorted, then *she* started snoring. :rolls eyes: and :lol:
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which means Lunch! :grin: It'll be Taco Bell Salad today - we have to hit Penzey's and Half Price, too. :lol:

Let's see....we have the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly today.

The Good - the pool guy came out last night (AFTER the regular guy cleaned!) and added 6 bags of salt, some stabilizer, and...something. The cell started reading the salt before he left, so that's good - it should start producing the chlorine soon. The pool is clean, and he said he'd be back out Friday to fix the filter AND give it another cleaning.

The Bad - I didn't know that Sweet Geek had tossed his Marine Corp kilt-hose flashes in the clothes hamper Sat. they got washed. 1 was pulled out; the other went thru the dryer. :sigh: I *think* I can salvage it - it doesn't appear shrunk, just all frizzy on the back. :big sigh: Normally, I put the clothes in the washer 1 at a time.....but yesterday, it was 5 AM and I just dumped them in. Ah, well......

The Ugly - I always toss my hand-knit socks in the laundry. I do ALL my loads in cold water, with gentle to normal agitation (and very very little homemade laundry detergent). However..I ALWAYS put the sock on blockers to dry.......I forgot to remind mom of this, and Sweet Geek's new camo socks (made out of JL Yarn's Zambia Bamboo/Wool blend yarn) now fit Himself. :sigh: I didn't think to mention it, because I just automatically pull the socks out.....fortunately, my Monkey Socks (LL Shepard Sock) didn't shrink too much, and Sweet Geek's "fuzzy" socks (in JL Yarn's "Vinca") just bloomed. (No, I don't dry even the commercial sock yarns - I don't trust them not to shrink. The one time I ran my LL's Shepard Worsted socks thru the dryer (by accident!), they came out a half-size smaller, and about 1" shorter in the cuff....and LL is supposed to be Machine-washable AND dryable. :sigh:)

At least I have more yarn, and socks are easy to crank out. Himself now has a "new" pair......

Speaking of socks, I am about halfway thru the heel of FF Sock #2, and about halfway down the foot. I'd like to get these DONE so I can start on something...a bit more colorful. This gray yarn is starting to get to me. :lol:
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Which means I have a lunch date! :huzzah:

Pool: It was.....cloudy last night. The pool man "cleaned it real well - said he got ALL the algae out!" :snerk: Riiiiiight. Unless he ran *all* the water thru a filter first, that ain't true. It's just all on the bottom, waiting to be stirred back up again. (Which..since they are coming out tomorrow, I may just do tonight. Depends on the weather....:evil grin:)

Socks: Finished the last 2 pairs of Sweet Geek's socks last night; just have to close the toes on my pair. Also got his "Liberty" yarn (Lorna's Laces Shephard Sock, #1776), so got those 2 wound into balls ready to be cranked up. (He wants flag socks...:lol:) Need to find special yarn for the kidlets...Himself has requested Blue yarn; Herself doesn't care.

I have a post sloshing around re: the current economic situation.....need to get that written up. :sigh:
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So. I asked Sweet Geek yesterday what color he wanted his next pair of socks to be. Now, he's never gone thru my sock yarn stash; he has NO idea of what I have, except that most of it is pretty loud. *I* figured he'd pick something..."manly" - you know, dark/subdued/whatever.

Nope. He gave me a cheeky grin and said "I want Purple and Green socks!"

Imagine his total suprise when I said "Oh! I have some of that!", went over to the stash, dug about, and pulled out 2 balls of Lorna's Laces in "Jungle Stripe" - Lime Green and Purple. :snicker:

Yes, he now has a pair of green and purple socks. I just need to close the toes, and he's good to go. :lol: (Yes, pictures WILL BE forthcoming - I need to finish all 4 pair I knit this weekend, and then I can do a photo-shoot.)

We have all but 2 of the corner posts in for the barn. We have worked out the roofline, and the door placements. Just need a nailgun (the one we were going to borrow got stolen :sigh:, so...we need to get one ourselves.) and we can put up the cross-bracing, buy the tin, and be done with it.

:whew: We're all tired here......this weekend is the AGM at the Highland Games; next weekend is the birthday bash. The pool BETTER be clean - it was OK until we got in and stirred up all the crap at the bottom (it smelled like a damn lake in there :ewwwwwwwwww:)......I am still not happy with my pool company.


May. 29th, 2009 07:21 am
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Looks like we've made it thru another week. :finally: More random blatherings:

Pool: No one showed up yesterday (color me surprised! NOT), but they are SUPPOSED to be out today with the new unit. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath here.

Chickens: Someone laid an egg in the run yesterday, and someone else got to it and ate it. :sigh: We need to watch 'em and try and stop it - I am NOT going to let some "deprived" chicken eat my eggs!

Socks: Closed the toes on the last pair last night while being throughly cut down to size by the National Geographic Bee. :sigh: (I suck at Geography - as do my children. It was least the kid from Dallas, TX won. I had NO idea there was a geographic bee; nor did I realize what slackers MY kids are! :grin:) I'll start cranking out more Husband socks tonight.

Father's Day: Is coming up fast. Sweet Geek doesn't read here...:grin: I got him this - it's already shipped and is supposed to be delivered Tuesday (yes, they're fast - I just ordered it this AM!) Himself is going to bake him a Chocolate Cheesecake, and Herself...isn't sure. She might toss me a couple $$, she might make him an origami thing...we'll see. :lol: (BTW, Hoegger Supply is a FANTASTIC site to poke around on, if you're interested in cheesemaking or goats. It's...well, cool!)

Hmmm, let's see..horses/dogs/fish are all fine, the kids are anxious for school to be out, our Clan's AGM is next weekend :ack:.....yup, think that's it!
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Let's see:

Pool - No One showed up yesterday. Sweet Geek called. The lady (oh, this is Great!) said "I PROMISE you that we will have someone out there TOMORROW to get you fixed up - even if I have to send the OWNER out there personally! It WILL be fixed. Hey - you know, you could, instead of *repairing* the pump motor, just get a brand new pump and filter for...$60 more." Sweet Geek called me to verify, then called them back "YES! New Unit GOOD!". She said "OK, then, IF we have it in stock, we'll get you fixed up tomorrow." Ummm...wait, What? You *just* said - TOMORROW for SURE. In the very next breath, you offered us a new unit. *That* implies, to me anyway, that you *have* said unit ON HAND and ready to go. :bangs head: To say that Sweet Geek is pissed doesn't even begin to cover it. He's now going to bring up the fact that I have been paying for 4 weeks/month sevice ALL WINTER, even though the guy doesn't come OUT 4 weeks/month (and...the lady told me back when all the pump problems started that she needed to credit me, because winter is the off-season and no one come out.). I've let it slide- really, it wasn't worth arguing over, and I always like to have good-will built up, but Now? Now, I want credit, and I want my pool fixed. :sigh:

Goats - looks like we won't get the goats in August after all. My friends are in the gov't SCRAPIES program (I.....won't do that. Ever. I don't want the gov't to have control over my animals. But that's me), and, as such, they are prohibited from bringing any females on the property. They can buy bucks from CAE/CL/SCRAPIES free barns, but no females. (Most of the dieseases - especially CAE - are passed from mother to kid). So......what it looks like we'll do is let them breed the does (to the new bucks he just bought her :lol:), let them kid, then we'll get the does (you bottle-raise the kids to be sure CAE isn't passed on.) So......January or so at the earliest. :shrug: I don't want to get does from an un-clean farm, I trust our friends, so - we'll wait. Gives us more time to get the barn up.

Socks - gave Sweet Geek the loud socks yesterday at lunch. They went over well - he's wearing them today. :grin: I finished another pair for him last night, and started closing the toes on the 1 pair that fit me. I'll get back to cranking probably tomorrow evening - I want to finish *my* socks first. :lol:

Kids - can't wait for school to be out. Himself wants to bake something to take next week...I found a couple boxes of cake mix; he can do cupcakes. Or something. :grin:

Think that's it for the moment....
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Let's see...the pool co called me yesterday before 8 and told me that they would DEFINATLY be out to fix the pump! Only, No - they weren't. Sweet Geek is on the case - I hope they come out today. :sigh: The water is now green and icky looking. And we have a birthday party in 2 weeks. :fun:

Finished a LOUD pair of socks for Sweet Geek last night. JL yarn's Virgo, in the yellow/green/orange colorway. It's.......loud. *I* wouldn't wear it if I didn't have to - HE loves it. He doesn't know I finished the socks :heh:....I smuggled them up here to give to him at lunch. :glee:

My water bill was $224 this month :ouch: I realize that yes, we put water in the pool - but it rained, too. Some of it is because the horse water got left on a few times - overnight. :bangs head: THAT problem should be solved - we installed automatic waterers on both troughs. At least the electric was a bit down...still well over $150, but better than last month's $250. :sigh: Inflation sucks - and it's only gonna get worse, folks! (Diesel was actually LESS than unleaded this morning. :boggle:)

Got some stuffs to do.....later!
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I Hate Holiday weekends - it's so hard to come back to work! :sigh:

Spent 3 hours Sunday evening and most of yesterday working on the damn sock machine. See, it was working just fine on the 54 cylinder (the number is how many stitches around there are in the finished sock. 54 makes the perfect sock for me - Sweet Geek, not so much)....but the yarn was being stressed on Sweet Geek. So, we switched to the 72 cyl...and it was a NIGHTMARE.

You have to get everything perfect for a CSM to work. Mine is not quite a century old, and very particular. We couldn't get the cyl set right - THAT took a goo hour - hour and a half. THEN, I had to dig out more needles.....some of them worked great, some didn't. THEN I had to get the ribber timed with the new cyl.....:sigh:

Upshot: After about 12 hours of fiddling, I had 2 pairs of socks and 2 singles. This, while a LOT more productive than hand-knitting, is still not good - I could whip out a pair in an hour on the 54 (at my peak, a few years ago anyway) Still - not too bad.

We have most of the kinks out, I think, and I will go on about my way, merrily cranking out socks for Sweet Geek. I tried one of his on Himself - the sock is cushy-er, since there are more stitches around - and not too I'll be cranking out tube socks too. THEN I get to close all the toes (I like to have a whack of socks to do at a time.....might as well. Kitchnering toes is not my favorite part of the whole process. :grin:)

In other news: Today they are supposed to finish fixing the pool pump (FINALLY! I wanted to swim yesterday *so* Bad!) and they (a different they) are going to deliver all the wood for the dairy barn. We got 4 holes dug.....:lol:

Gotta skitter - got contract work to do!
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spent most of the day with the CSM.....all morning, it was "M'suer LeGare"...this afternoon? "That D8765io9t6j(*D machine!" :grin:

Got 2 pairs of adult socks out of it....the pair I made Sweet Geek yesterday is already toast. The yarn was/is very poorly spun, very airy...NOT sock yarn, no matter what it was advertised as. :sigh: Today's pair is Fortissima, which should wear like iron.

My pair is....well, Sweet Geek calls them "Who Socks!" since they look like something from Whoville. :grin: Pictures later...I'm bushed, and nervous about tomorrow and and and....

Not sure about posting status...we'll see how I feel tomorrow.
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Spent yesterday running around - it was my BIL's b-day, so we all went to the Mongolian Grill for lunch. Dropped off the kids at Mom's, then went home to snorgle the baby horse (hereby known as "Boots"...since every.single.person that owns a horse with 4 white feet calls them "socks", we wanted to be different. :grin:) V-day dinner consisted of staying home and fixing steak - I told Sweet Geek he had spent enough at lunch, and there was NO reason to spend even more on dinner for 2. (Seriously - don't spend $$$ on me! I'd rather stay home (and spend the money on tangible stuff)).

Today I got the CSM up and running again. Cranked out 3 pairs of socks (2 kids tube socks, and 1 adult male 9.5 EE socks. THIS is why I needed to get M'sier LeGare up and running again! :lol:) Just need to graft the toes on the last 3.5 socks, and we're good to go.

Kinda bummed....looks like we won't get to go see Tut. :sob: I wanted to go tomorrow...and it looks like that's out. I just have a feeling that if we don't go tomorrow, we won't go at all (past history suggests this. :sigh:) Ah, some/lose some.

Oh - surgery is set for 9 AM Tuesday. Pre-op at 8. Fun stuff.....
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and I'm back at work :boo hoo: Ah, well....slow day today, so it's good. :grin:

Have 1.5 dishtowels finished. I'm going to try to finish #2 tonight...but we'll see. I'd like to shovel out some of my bedroom this week, and that might take priority.

Would have finished #2 yesterday, but we ended up going to the movies. We saw "National Treasure: Book of Secrets". *Great* movie. Especially if you liked the first one - this one moves faster, and is *way* cool. Himself *loves* the first one, so we (Sweet Geek and I) decided the 2nd one was a good choice. (We were right) :grin:

Watched Star Wars, Ep. 1 & 2 last night. Sweet Geek tore apart and cleaned my CSM during - he's agitating for some wool socks for his early-morning photo shoots. :grin: I have no problems with this - especially since the CSM will crank them out quickly. The needles are soaking in WD-40 right now; I'll be putting them back in Friday and seeing if I can get it working again. :grin:

Finished "The Golden Compass". :whew: The book is *WAY* different from the movie...I can see why the church would boycott it, IF the movie was, y'know, actually like the book. (They made SO MANY changes, I honestly don't see how they can say "based on the novel by..." because....yeah. They moved a lot of the action around, totally cut some important scenes, and changed others.) I've started #2, "The Subtle Knife"'s...different. We'll see if I can slog my way thru it.

Oh! While we were out yesterday, I got me a new coat. The theatre was in the Tanger Outlet Mall...where there is a Wilson's Suede and Leather. We had gone to the Wilson's in Town East, but I didn't see anything worth spending *that* much money on...I wasn't really expecting to find anything. But, in we went, anyway - Sweet Geek was looking for a hat to wear in the rain (a nice Aussie Bush hat).

Score! I got a very nice leather coat - I think it's a biker jacket - for $99. And a bush hat (leather) for $30. The coat is dark brown with burgundy and white stripes, and burgundy top-stitching. *Very* nice coat...and a steal of a price! :grin: It's a man's model, but I like it, because there's more room for layers under it. :lol:

Need to go research furniture...the Amish stuff is gorgeous, but I want to verify the prices are good. :grin:


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