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So. This weekend was the Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games. We came, we saw, we..are exhausted. I'm not sure WHY, exactly - both days were "dead" thanks to the uncertain weather. :shrug:

I hadn't planned on buying *anything* this year. Yes, I had money - we made it to the bank by 2:45! - but....I don't like spending without doing a lot of thought ("big" items, I mean. And the jewelry *I* like....well, it qualifies as "big" in my mind. And....I don't do much other types of buying at the Fests.)

Anyway. Herself and I were on walkabout and we stopped at one of our "cousin's" booths. He is a dealer in artisan jewelry....and he has exquisite taste. (It's who I got my Michale Duncan horse bracelet from, years ago). We looked....he has a new artists. Who has a thing for celtic horses. :head desk:

I walked away. I got about 500 feet, then turned around and came back. I then spent a good 45 minutes drooling and looking and trying on...and came home with this:

J walton Amber bracelet side

J Walton Amber bracelet closeup

:sigh: Horses. It HAD to be horses. :lol: The artist is James Walton....and the stuff is gorgeous! I had a hard time deciding between the Amber and the Amethyst......Amber obviously won. :lol: I figure "tree tears" sums up last year....I lost Dusty (my favorite horse) and my Dad in the same year (this is chronological, y'all - I got teased on that in our tent. :lol:) this is fitting. And it's the only "real" thing I'll be getting myself from the proceeds of Dad's house. :shrug:

I'm not one to go into Signature or Statement jewelry....but the bracelets both spoke to me. (The first one marks Finn's birth, so it seems fitting to mark Dusty's death too.) I tend to wear the original one most of the time - it's off in the Summer because of the pool, but I tend to wear it all Fall/Winter/Spring. Now I have one for the other wrist. :lol:

SG has decided we need to get "nice" wedding bands. The ones we have now I bought - they are inexpensive, but nice; he thinks they're "crap". :sigh: Whatever - HE can spend the $$$. The ones another vendor (also a Clan cousin) has....well, SG fell in LOVE with them. They are also $750+ EACH. They're beautiful....but I'm not sure we NEED them, y'know? (For comparison - both of my bracelets were under $200. Our current bands? Were $50 each, thanks to the exchange rate (they're from Ireland)) :sigh: Ah, well - let him spend that much. :lol:

We're going to the Fabric Outlets this week....I have money set aside for it, let's see if I can NOT spend all of it! :lol:
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So. We closed yesterday, but the buyer hadn't sent the wire at the time we met. They DID send the wire last night; I am heading out to pick up the checks at 1:30. Then it's on to my brother, the Post Office, and the Bank! :whew!:

All that's left is to sell the lake lot (but that's divided between us, not us and the half-sibs, so that's a little less urgent.)....that's on the plate for next week. Hopefully.

I smell of cinnamon and brown sugar - tomorrow is Scottish Fest, and SG volunteered my cinnamon rolls. :rofl: No biggie - the KitchenAid looked at the 8 cups of flour (I doubled the recipe) and laughed as it kneaded up the most gorgeous ball of sweet dough. I have 4 trays of rolls in the 'fridge right now; I'll get up early, let them rise in a warm oven, then bake them. And make the icing....:mmmmmmm:

We have to go get lunch, so laters! Shabbat Shalom!
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Yesterday was the Boy's Birthday Bash (aka B3) - Himself is 16, and SG is...well. 3 x 16 + 6. :lol: Himself is "off" of the Festivals right now, so we ditched NTIF yesterday and spent it with him. At the Lego store. :rofl: It was a good day!

NTIF was fun, but it seemed less crowded than usual. It was enjoyable - as usual! - and I brought someone to the dark side. Clan MacKay's State Convener is now a fledgling knitter. :snerk: And I enabled/encouraged a visitor to just DO it - she said she wanted to knit socks (as she petted my current CashMerino project) but was scared of the heel. I showed her 2 different heel types, told her to go to Ravelry, pick a popular pattern, and just blindly follow it. I also told her it didn't matter if she knit toe-up or top down, flap-and-gusset or one of the many short-row heels, just....go for it. :happy: AND I think we have a new hand-spinner...we'll see.

So. That was my weekend in a nutshell - hope yours was as good!
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but I managed to bugger up my wrist - again! - last week. Too much typing for a job. :sigh: We bought me a new brace (can't find any of my others), and I am treating it like a CT flare-up. Fun times.

Needless to say, very little hand-work has been done. I am just past the heel turn on sock #2 (going VERY slowly. I can only knit maybe 10 rounds before having to stop. :big sigh:)....I wanted to wear them to NTIF this weekend, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

Neither is Sunday - it's Himself's 16th, so I am skipping NTIF to spend the day with him. (He quit doing the Festivals last's OK, it's his choice, but.....I don't want him to EVER think a Fest comes before HIM. So....we'll be there Friday and Saturday. :shrug:)

Politics....I am very, very sad for the American people. They need to pull their collective heads out and actually LISTEN to what Drumph is *saying*. (One of his ancestors changed his name from Drumph to Trump. Since he has gone on record saying you should embrace your "real" name...well, I will. :nods:) He changes his stance more often than I change my underwear.......I fear it's either him or sHillary. Neither of which care about we, the people. /enough politics.

Anyway, gotta rest my wrist before school. Laters!


Mar. 9th, 2015 08:35 am
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This was the weekend of NTIF- the North Texas Irish Festival! :whee!: 3 days of kilts, bagpipes, Celtic Music, and fun! And 2 days of spinning demos for me. Felt like the crowds were down this year.....but I got 3 bobbins of frog hair spun up (it'll ply up to a very very thin lace weight. TINY yarn!) (Think it was the weather - it was cold and cloudy on Saturday, and yesterday it was cold and Raining. We need the rain.....but I think it kept people at home. Still - it was fun! I came home with a new mug for me, and a present for Cyn. And a print. :lol:)

Himself decided he did NOT want to go. :sob: All that knitting...I told him, fine - but your hose ARE going, because I WILL show them off! :lol:

I still can't get thru to the IRS. At 7:01 AM, ALL the lines are busy....I don't believe that. Seriously - at 6:59, it hangs up on me because "our hours are from 7 AM to 7 PM"....but at 7:01 they are too busy for me to hold? Right......:bangs head:

Too tired to post much - Daylight Savings does a number on me. Add in a very busy weekend...oy!

Oh - I found a new vendor! Sheep Incognito. If you have a knitter/spinner/crocheter in your life, I can almost guarantee they'll LOVE something from here! I came home with a print of "Dances with Wools"...:snicker: If I'd had more money, I'd have come home with a BUNCH more - "Stash Attack!", "Close-knit Flock", "Awoolanche"....seriously, the list goes on and on and on. :lol: Her sense of humor tickles me - and the paintings are adorable! No affiliation, just a very happy knitter who's planning on dropping more money her way.

Gotta figure out what we need to do school-wise today. Laters!
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Yesterday was a Recovery Day. I NEEDED it - badly.

Friday: Canton First Monday Trade Days. It's HUGE. HUGE-huge. It's been described as Disneyland for Antique-hunters, and that's not far off. We were there 4 hours, and didn't even cover the first lot. It was supposed to be 70*, so I dressed for 70*. The weathermen forgot to allow for the windchill - it was FREEZING. 4 hours was all my wrist and arm could take.....:shiver:

Still, it wasn't a waste - SG found 1 hand plane (he's looking for older Stanley planes), and I scored a book on drafting patterns for $3. And a bunch of freshly-made dog treats. :lol:

Got home, made sure all our garb was clean, together, and ready to go...this involved ironing. LOTS of ironing. :lol:

Saturday: NTIF. It was 47* when I went out to milk, but warmed up quickly. Very little wind - the few times I went outside I was fine in my shirt-sleeves. It seemed to be not-busy this year - I didn't see the crowds I'm used to seeing. Kinda sad......but I did get a bobbin of Alpaca/Merino/Silk (in a LOVELY teal-y blue!) spun up.

We didn't do too badly - I scored 2 books (1 for each kid: Pattern drafting/costuming for Himself (I think the Lord is trying to tell me something!) and a book on Steampunk fashion for Herself) and a lovely, lovely new mug from my potter friend. Oh, and a new t-shirt - Royal Blue with "I am Sherlocked" and a lovely sketch of Benedict's lovely. And will be worn with pride when it finally warms up For Real. :lol:

Sunday: Woke up to 43*. In less than an hour, it was 34*. And misting. We headed out anyway - got to NTIF at 8:30. We left at 12. COLD, SLEET, light snow flurries......and NO patrons. I wanted to hang in there, but by 11:30 I was in agony - my left arm feels the cold, and this? Was COLD. Miserable. I didn't get warm again until yesterday afternoon, to be honest. At least I had planned ahead - I had started chili Saturday night, and tossed it all in the crockpot Sunday AM. We had a lovely dinner - with half-price baked goods from House of Douglas bakery. :lol: (Yes, it was That Bad - they started discounting all their stuff at 9 AM. NTIF didn't open until 11:30. Tell you anything?)

The roads were all iced in yesterday, so SG stayed home, and the ISD was closed. We did school anyway - why not? - then I went back to bed. :lol: Ended up with 2 dogs, but hey - they were warm!

Today is "warmer", if 40* is considered warm. We're still iced in, but at least we can get out of the driveway today. Which is good, since we need to take Auntie shopping.....:shiver: :cold: :brrrrrr:

Oh! I found out Sunday that my Fibonacci socks won a prize in the knit along! :happy dance: Fun stuff! Holiday Yarns offered me my choice of 1 skein of Flock Sock.......mmmmmmm. New yarn! That I didn't have to dye myself! :lol:
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Busier than usual - this was the weekend of the Arlington Highland Games. Last year they moved it from June to May, to give us cooler weather....yeah. I froze all weekend. :lol: It wasn't busy, and I didn't have all the idiots ignorant people that I usually see.

Friday we went and did set up. I was worried - I had 2 goats (Risky and Dulce) down and not eating. This is BAD - a non-eating goat is generally a dead goat - so I was pretty concerned. Got home Friday afternoon and both goats were still with us, but not eating. Dulce was limping...I gave her banamine and Thiamine, and gave Risky Thiamine, and played the wait-and-see game.

Saturday AM, both girls were better, but not eating. So....more banamine (both, this time) and, because I had no other ideas, I wormed them. I spent the day slightly worried.....but both were NORMAL when we got home. :weird:

Saturday was Star Wars day (May 4th....May the Fourth be with you!), AND Free Comic Book day. There's a Comic store right down the street from the Stadium...and they had a sketch artist there doing free sketches. SG wanted a sketch of Himself and Herself, but Himself weaseled out (he doesn't like photos/pictures of him....:whatever:), so instead, SG got "his girls" done.

5/4/13 Free Comic Book Day sketch

(Sorry it's sideways - LJ won't let me edit it for some reason, and I finally gave up.) This is what she and I would look like as anime characters. :lol: The artist was FANTASTIC - she spent a lot of time talking with Herself about art in general, and comics in specific. It was a good time..and then I had a panic attack on the way home. Not sure why....but the corset had to come off NOW and I couldn't breathe...and....:sigh:

Sunday AM, Kaylee was down and not eating, so I wormed her (why not?)...and she was FINE when we got home. So...I wormed EVERYBODY yesterday evening.

Anyway, yesterday was weird....but good. My favorite jeweler was there (he's a Clan Cousin*), and he offered Herself an apprenticeship when she turns 18. They spent HOURS talking yesterday about jewelry-making....she's nervous and excited about this opportunity. Me? Waiting. IF it's what Yah wants, we'll know. If not, no need to worry about it now. (Also, he took my Celtic horse bracelet with him - the stone had a developed a crack, and he said he wouldn't stand for that. So, it's gone "home" to be cleaned, polished, and have the stone replaced. FREE. He does good work, and warranties his stuff for life. I didn't know that....) He gave her a list of stuff to get/do, so she can start....this is going to get interesting, I think. (I also ended up buying a pair of earrings from ONLY purchase at the Games. They're pierced-work, Irish Wolfhounds. Gorgeous. And what started her talking with him, because she said it looked "easy" to do. He concurred, and the conversation took off from there. Best $40 I ever spent! :lol:)

Overall, the Games were good. I had 1 lady tell her son that my spinning "this is how they used to make yarn!" Ignoring the fact that I was sitting Right In Front of Her, happily turning wool into yarn. Even her son gave her a look...:snicker: 1 guy showed up, bragging that he had woven his kilt....look, that's great, but...tartan? Not so hard to do. (It was his attitude - we should all bow at his prowess, because HE wove a Kilt! And...he has a ASHFORD wheel, and spins sewing thread on it. Riiiiight. Ashfords are nice, but NOT really suited for spinning froghair yarn. Again, it was his attitude....HIS wheel was fantabulous, and we should all be in awe of him. :sigh: I stroked his ego a bit, but it was hard to do.) Other than that, it was boring. I got 4 bobbins of singles spun, and about half of it plied off. One of my Clan Cousins has decided that the yarn would make a beautiful shawl, that would match her outfit perfectly. I can take a hint...:lol: (It's in the queue. It'll take a while, but shawl it is.)

I need to take a few days to recover - I was....fragile yesterday. Not sure why, but....:sigh: I went in mundanes - a Clan shirt and sweats - but it was still a bit..wobbly all day. Weird. (What's even weirder? I got asked by another Clan member if I was "a member of the Tribe" - because he FINALLY noticed my Star of David (I've only been wearing it for....4 years now. All the time.) I didn't even hesitate - Yes - and....I felt "normal". I don't even....I'm not sure WHAT was going on, but there it is. I was fine the rest of the day, for the record.)

Oh! We got some of our cousins hooked on Star Fluxx....:heh: Just spreading the joy.....

*I kinda feel like I need to explain this. We're active in our respective Scottish Clan societies (both McDuff (SG) and McClellan (me)). Every member is related to the Clan(s) somehow; membership is voluntary. All members are "Clan Cousins" - think of it as the ONLY time you get to pick your family. :lol: Some of us are related for "real" - my Regional Director is not only my SIL, she's also a cousin 4 or 5 times removed - and some are only related thru the Clan, but they're all family. In a way. I could join...7 societies, I think, but have chosen just these 2 (for now)....I don't need a huge family. All trying to score soap and hand-knits. :lol: BUT - it's why Herself was offered the apprenticeship now, instead of waiting - she's "family", and interested in the craft. We'll see where it goes.....
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I am Exhausted. Bone-weary. was a good weekend.

This weekend was Irish Fest. Friday was set-up - we spent 5 hours on our feet on hard concrete. Saturday and Sunday were the Festival itself.....8 - 5 both days, corseted up, most of the time in my spinning chair. Got 2 bobbins full of multi-colored singles...and only had 1 mishap. Stupid parent was ignoring their 2 year old, who decided my wheel was a playtoy. :grrrrrr: Broke the single and tangled it around the flyer shaft. :sigh: 15 minutes to get it straightened out. The bulk of the other kids were well-mannered. Mostly.

I didn't intend to shop....but. Herself will be 16 in June. I had been planning on it being an "Art" birthday - all art supplies. She's gotten really into jewelry-making lately, so I have been pricing wire, and gemstones, and the like....I had NOT planned on doing anything "big", even though this IS her "sweet sixteen".

Well. SG and I visited our favorite jeweler.....he deals in hand-crafted celtic-themed pieces in silver and semi-precious gems. (I have a BEAUTIFUL bracelet from him - a triangle piece of turquoise set in between 2 celtic horses. SG has a gorgeous knotwork cuff.....and Herself keeps commenting on both of them). Anyway.....we were just chatting with the vendor...and somehow Herself's birthday got mentioned. And his wife pulled out the PERFECT cuff for her - it's dainty. It's got a beautiful garnet set in the middle, in between 2 celtic dragons. STUNNING. SG and I took 1 look, and he asked me "Can you do it? I can give you half next paycheck, if you can". Um. Well.

It fit the budget - barely, but I HAD budgeted some funds for this. I hadn't intended to buy her jewelry...but....I simply couldn't resist. It'll be her first "real" jewelry......and it's a heirloom piece (all his stuff's all 1-of-a-kind, and it's all gorgeous. And the customer service is phenomenal - I damaged my bracelet a few years ago, and the designer repaired it, and cleaned it, free.)

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend. I am sore, but I'll get over it. I did get informed that SG NEEDS handspun, handknit kilt hose (the Clan next to his, the rep had GORGEOUS handknit hose on....and SG kept commenting on them. :lol:) The production wheel is being moved into the family room, so I can get started on that "little" project. (Should we be here. Please, Lord - come quickly!) (:lol: - this will be a big project. All-over cables, on knee-length socks, WITH turn-over cuffs, also all-over cables. Fun, yes...but a pretty big undertaking.)

Gotta go getting ready to start school.
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Thankfully! I'm was a LONG weekend. They moved us to across from the children's area, which you'd think would have brought lots of people over...only the children's area has always been pretty much a dead zone. :sigh: So....BORING for us. Most of the time. Except when a clan cousin brought her 5-month old, and I got to steal her. (Told ya I had some gypsy in me! I did, however give her back. Sleeping, today. :grin:)

So...I have 2 photos. I don't normally post pics of me, but what the hey - I had probably 15 photos taken of me today alone (by strangers!), so...why not?

cut for photos. I'll let you decide if it's photo goodness or not! :lol: )


Feb. 17th, 2012 12:04 pm
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My corset came in today! That's pretty fast, since it came from England!!!


Quality: Looks to be well-made. No loose threads. Grommets all placed correctly, good spacing. Feels like a quality piece. Does smell a bit - sort of an "oily, mechanical" type of smell. Not bad, but noticeable to me. The laces are ever-so-slightly stretchy, which is surprising to me - every other corset/bodice I've ever had has stiff laces. There's 10 steel bones, along with the bones that run alongside the grommets. There's 2 along each grommet; narrower than the body bones, but just as stiff. The tag has simplified wearing instructions...we'll see if I can lace myself in using them. :lol:

Looks: Pretty! It's black-on-black stripes; I *thought* I was getting a brocade, but this is fine. (If it was for a specific "look", it wouldn't be; for what I'm doing, this is probably better than a true brocade would be - it'll be worn with my Tartan.) The busk front is neat; the posts are small and not "in your face".

It feels "heavy-ish", which it should (steel bones are heavy!). The inside is a solid black twill; it resembles what used to be called "Trigger" (you SCA-dians out there will recognize that! :wink:). There's a satin ribbon run about waist-high behind the stays; not sure WHY, looks interesting. The modesty panel is ample; it's a good 8" wide. My other corset had one that was barely 5" wide - the wider one means you have a bit more play in lacing.

All in all, I am VERY impressed with this - especially for the price I paid. I'm itching to order an "everyday" underbust now - if it's the same quality, I'll be VERY happy with it. And it looks like it'll last - I'll update on that after NTIF. 8+ hours/day, 2 days should tell me how quality it really is...:lol:

ETA: I was able to get it on, all by myself. Fastening the busk was problematical; if you don't have wrist/hand problems it'll be easier (Not EASY, because it's hard to hook the loops over the posts while sucking in your stomach..and you can't SEE the busk with your girls in the way.). I can't tighten the laces by myself, but it FITS. :happy dance: For the record: I have a 31" waist, and bought a 26" corset. The modesty panel shows the full length...but that'll change when SG comes home and laces me up properly. I don't think *I'll* be able to get in and out of it myself - it's too hard to fasten the busk by myself. So...I guess SG'll just have to lace me up every morning. :evil grin:

So. Hot.

Jun. 5th, 2011 07:00 am
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This weekend is the big Highland Games and Scottish Festival. It's always hot....this year it was HOT. (Next year, it's moving to the first weekend in May. Yeah for less heat, Boo for Tornado season! :sigh:) Low crowds, lots of was miserable.

I did get a full bobbin spun, and got to talk to [ profile] ritaspins37. And we bought Himself his very own kilt. We'd been borrowing one from my SIL....and, well....

OK. If my kid outgrows something - be it a book, a toy, or item of clothing - I'll pass it on. Not loan it out - simply give it to you. *I* don't need it anymore. The kilt we borrowed - it's driving me crazy, because I am petrified he'll ruin it - he's a kid. Kids don't worry about their clothes! So...we found one that's a smidge big (he's a 28" waist; this one is a 30") for $65 in the Stewart Hunting plaid. AND it's washable! (because it's not wool, it's an acrylic blend - hey, he's a KID, and he's messy. I can live with a non-wool kilt!)

Thing is, "real" kilts will run you $600+. No, that wasn't a mistype - $600 is the going rate (or was, a few years ago) for 8 yards of Clan Tartan. Then you add the tailoring - SG paid over $1K for his Marine Corps kilt. I was NOT going to pay for a real kilt when the kid will outgrow it - probably before the next Festival.

Plus, I have the fabric for him for his own Clan kilt - I have 8 yards of full-width, and 8 yards of half-width. (The full-width is for a Great Kilt, which isn't sewn. You hand-pleat it before each wearing, lay down on it, and belt it 'round. Then you fiddle with the "peacock tail" to make the upper, "sash" part. The half-width was DH1's payment for making his brother a "traditional" kilt - for those, you only use 30" wide fabric; you pleat and sew them in, add the buckles etc, and you're good to go whenever you want. It's a LOT of work - you hand sew the knife-pleats in, and you have to do a bit of lining in the waist, and you have to have fittings to make sure the buckles are in the right place......:ugh:) Soon as he hits his full height, he can have a kilt made for him......but I won't do it before that.

This one is nice - Himself requested a "green tartan, please!", and Hunting Stewart is that. While some people get all fussy over using the "correct" this case, it doesn't matter. And, if you want to get technical, *I* have ancestors from Clan Stewart, so he's "legal" (don't get me started on that...) And - machine washable! Can't beat that - especially not for a kid!

It was fun, but HOT. Hooray for bodice chillers! And sunscreen! (Not going back today - we have a birthday party to attend.)
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barely, but I made it. Steady crowd; less than last year, but still a good-sized crowd. I was never swamped, and had some "free" time, but still saw a lot of people. LOTS of kids - which is good. I like teaching kids - they'll listen, whereas a lot of adults think they know it all (and really don't).

Got 4 bobbins of lace-weight singles spun. Need to ply them up - Herself claimed the finished yarn when I started the first bobbin, and want worsted-weight. :sigh: OK...I have plenty more of the sky-blue merino in my stash. I can share....I can. :lol:

SG gave me a lovely necklace and earring set from our "favorite" vendor. :lol: One of the reasons he's our favorite: he bought me the necklace yesterday. We went back today to get the earrings and a "manly" wrist cuff for him...and while SG was shopping, Herself and I were admiring earrings. I found the pair that matched the necklace, and SG said "Yeah - go ahead. They're nice!" So, we're talking, and admiring all the pretty sparklies...and the vendor looked at Herself and told her to pick out a pair of studs - we were "good" customers, and he felt like throwing them in. :glee: She was over the moon - he had a pair of Celtic Dragons. Needless to say, we'll be spending more $$$$ with him! :grin:

One of my Clan Cousins homeschools...and she gave - GAVE - us a Science book they weren't using.....and offered the others when her last 2 finish with them. :gulp: This is.....I know I have books, and I have online resources -but she's navigated the Texas laws, and knows them. She also gave us some dissecting things for hte physical science portion (a fetal pig, a frog, and....I dunno, dead animals. :lol:) This is cool - and the book has stuff I had thought of, but in a to put it...."real" way.

We got one of the Physics kits yesterday..Himself is all excited. :grin:

Too tired to think more......
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barely. Rough estimate was 50,000 people thru the gate yesterday, and about 20 - 30,000 today. I talked to at least half of them. :sigh:

I managed 2 3-ply skeins yesterday (Navajo/chain-plied, but still!), and 1 almost full bobbin of lace-weight singles. Oh, and a ball of Pyr-hair straight from the dogs. I taught 1 person to knit, and at least 4 people had an "Ah-Ha!" moment while watching me spin. Pictures will be forthcoming.....not sure when, but they'll be coming. :grin:

I got offers of dog hair (NO thanks! - Except for the Pyrs I spun from - they were immaculate, and very very sweet), free llama (the guy took my card, and will be shipping it to me. We'll see), AND I got commissioned to knit a chullo-style hat for a clan cousin. He ran to Wally-world last night for the yarn; I told him $20 and the yarn would get him a hat. (It's a simple 1. 2 colors, MY style, with ear-flaps. I figure, stripes are easy and quick; the yarn is worsted-weight, and yeah, I'm way under-charging, but he's a Clan Member. So......yeah.)

We got an application to go on the waiting list for another Wolfhound - Zoey is slowing down and showing her age (she's 7 - soon to be 8), and they don't have any rescues right now, to get on the list and wait. They had a lot of dogs for petting, but so far people are hanging onto their big dogs. (This surprised me, but Wolfies are such lovable goofs, it does make sense.)

I noticed a few things: People weren't buying - OR drinking! - as much as in years past. Also, a LOT of people are worried about "the crash". (They don't realize it's HERE). Quite a few people were discussing setting up "commune" type places - I was invited to move to a lot of them, as I could contribute clothing. :rolls eyes: I didn't have the heart - or the prompting - to tell them what's fact, I was *very* disinclined to discuss it. :sigh: I did what I could - urging people to get goats/chickens/gardens, but I'm not sure anyone really listened.

It's hard to describe the mood...usually it's upbeat, people are merry, happy drunks. This weekend, they......were looking for distraction. Not spending much (from what I could tell, anyway), and...sorta desperate - or that's what I was getting from them.

The bands on our stage were *fantastic*. They were a big draw - but I didn't see people buying CDs. :shrug: (I should say that *we* didn't spend much this year - I spent $70. $30 for a new mug (my friend is a potter and makes lovely Celtic-themed mugs. She makes a beautiful Celtic Sea-horse mainly for me, and I broke my favorite one a few months ago), and $40 for a mug for my co-worker's birthday (hand-thrown, with a Celtic Owl on it. She collects owl stuff, so this is PERFECT.) Usually, we drop $200 - for food/gifts/CDs - but this year we're too tight to do this. (And what I spent? She'll hold the check for me until the 15th. :sigh:)

Stupidest question of the weekend: 10 year old boy "Is that Real?" pointing at my spinning wheel, after watching me spin for a good 10 minutes. :bangs head: 2nd stupidest (and I got this one a BUNCH): "Can you spin straw into gold?" :sigh: (Answer: "No, I'm currently working on spinning steel wool into silver. I'm almost there!")

I know there's a lot I'm forgetting....but I am exhausted. And, we came home to a dead clue as to why. It was one of our original Buff Orps, but here was no external sign of anything. Herself is down about that....:sigh:
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Arlington 2009. Barely, but I *did* survive. [ profile] ritaspins39, sorry I missed you - we bailed out about 3-ish Saturday, and 3:30-ish Sunday. The heat (and the dead-ness) just got to be too much.

2 words to describe this years' Festival: Dead and Hot. Attendance was WAY down from previous years - I could actually *see* the performance tent opposite us! And the Games Field! (That NEVER happens - it's usually too crowded). And Hot - I got hit by the heat about 2 was touch and go for a bit, but I managed to stay upright. Barely.

Didn't acquire anything new (THAT'S a record, too...), because the Vendors that were there hadn't cut their prices despite the economy (and..I'm not saying that they should have, but.....they weren't moving much.); in fact, some of them had *raised* prices. Now, usually that's a smart thing to do for handmade goods; right now, not so much.

I got 1 bobbin completely full, and 1 half full. Also got a bit of a spindle-full of Biscuit hair. :grin:

Our guests seemed to enjoy it, except for the heat. I have a line on some Churro wool next year (our NE Regional raises Churros, and....tosses the wool (!?!!). I'm on the list to get some next shearing....:heh:

The Kirkin' Service sucked...seriously. There were no hymn sheets, which would have been OK except the musicians (that have done this service *EVERY* year that I've been going - 10? 15?) didn't know the words (it's pretty much the SAME SONGS every year.) and so, none of the congregation got them, either. (I haven't gone *every* year, but they have.) It was...pathetic. I'm still reading up on the verses the minister spoke on ("preached" is a bit much for what he did...), but I'm pretty sure he took them out of context (quick, act surprised!). :sigh: Should have just skipped it, methinks.

I have a nice bodice-burn going......this'll be fun next week when it starts to peel. :sigh:

Family: B-day party THIS Saturday around lunch-ish. I'll try to get emails out...can't promise, but I'll try. Bring your suits, the pool is open ('ll work, and they are SUPPOSED to get the salt generator up and running THIS week. :snerk:)

She Lives!

Jun. 6th, 2009 06:09 pm
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:whew: It's been a busy one, and it's just Saturday! Cut to the chase, man! )
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Well, for me it is - no work tomorrow, as our AGM is THIS WEEKEND :ack: and I have to go to the BOD meeting tomorrow AM. Fun off and I STILL have to get up at 5. :sigh:

Pool: They are supposed to fix the pump today. Excuse me, but that thought does NOT fill me with glee....because I really don't think they'll show up (see: Last few times we've been "on the schedule" and they didn't show up or do anything at all). I wanna swim, dammit!

Tonight, I have to get all our garb ready to go, make a loaf of bread, wash a load of clothes, get a dump cake ready-to-bake, empty my bobbins and get my basket packed (did I mention I have to be at my Regional's house at 8 AM? No? Well..yeah), load the truck with the tents/chairs/tables/stuffs we took to San Antonio....oh, and feed the critters. :sigh: I need a vacation!

Gotta run - got lots of stuff to do today up here!
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:whew: We're home, mostly unpacked, and sorta fed. So, a recap is due....:grin: Busy weekend )
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And I do mean *survived*. Let's recap, shall we?

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday, in which the strangest question EVER was reported )

In which we do a Good Deed )

Wrist - OK, I hadn't spun for about a week before the surgery until Saturday. This was probably NOT the best way to get back into it....Saturday night I had to pop a pain pill. I was stiff, sore, and very, very achy. Sunday was better - it's a little sore this morning, but NOTHING like it was Saturday. I got back in the groove pretty quickly - I was turning out froghair singles within a few minutes.

Elbow - tender where the stitches are right up to the skin, but no major pain.

Borg - I was able to get 1 lady *spinning* on my Norwegian. She's a natural...and I'm sure will be joining our ranks soon. 2 kids HAVE to have a wheel NOW, dad.....1 dad took down the info on Babe's Fiber Starter, so I feel pretty good about that one. A couple of other people are *very* interested - I passed out a few cards, and told them how to find a local knitting/spinning guild. :grin: Clan-wise, we had 6 full sheets of new members/interested parties, which is phenominal for this Festival. This is good - our Annual General Meeting is this year, HERE, in June, so...we want more members to show our National Board how good we are. :snicker:

I'm tired, and I'm at work, so I'd better skedaddle. Lunch with the boss today - it's co-worker's 65th b-day today, so, needless to say, we ain't gonna get much done today. :lol:
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We helped set up the Scottish Village at NTIF last night....what should have been a quick job took almost 2 hours. :sigh: NTIF is gonna be a *mess* this year, since Fair Park is under construction; used to, we had the 2 buildings across from the reflection pool (which was drained and became the big outdoor stage). This year, the pool is GONE, so they've moved the entire thing to "our" side, only it's now taking up 3 buildings. :sigh: I don't think it's gonna work - but I hope I'm wrong.

Thanks to all the moving and hauling and taping I did (I got volunteered to tape the clan spots, and put the names in 'em), I didn't sleep - my arm ached. :sigh: Ah, well.....ACHE is better than PAIN, so.....

Speaking of, have a couple of shots of my wrist. Cut for pictures. You know the drill )

Oh! [ profile] ritaspins37, the box is at the post office! Mom said she'll pick it up for me. :bounce: Now I have loud wool for NTIF! :bounce:
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well, it *is* March, after all. We can't expect it to be 80* yet (even though it HAS been, quite a bit. I'm gonna HATE June this year, I just know it!)

[ profile] ritaspins37 pointed out that I haven't mentioned spinning. She's right...I haven't tried it yet. I have a demo this weekend, and...well, I haven't had a chance to sit down at the wheel. :sigh: I'm not worried - my left hand is the forward hand, so it doesn't do a *whole* lot anyway, and *knitting* doesn't hurt (yes, it's a sock. YES, I'm taking it slow - I did maybe 6 rounds yesterday, in the course of 3 hours. I want to knit, but I do NOT want to encourage more pain. So...slow.)

Speaking of socks, I pulled out my Tsock kit (Fiber Festival) last night for a read-thru. I got it sometime last year, and put it directly into the stash, because, somehow, I had the impression that it was knit toe-up (the lovely and talented Tsarina prefers toe-up, and most of her patterns are.) Imagine my surprise when I discovered the instructions are for a CUFF DOWN sock! (I had even gone on Ravelry to read any trouble-shooting/errata...and yup - toe-up. :bangs head:) Needless to say, it has been bumped up to next-in-line. :grin: (I've just about got Sweet Geek convinced that I need Vintage. Badly. It's toe-up....guess I'll need to just suck it up and try it. :giggle:) The Tsarina set me straight - it is cuff down, with a peasant heel. She said if the heel as written doesn't fit me, she'll talk me thru modifying it - how great is that?

See, I'm a heel-flap-and-gusset girl, because they fit my foot correctly. Short-row heels...don't. I've tried - both on the CSM and by hand, and the flap and gusset heel wins hands-down. I haven't done a Peasant Heel yet, so this will be fun.

I am band-aid free on the inside of the wrist....the outside is still seeping a bit. We won't discuss the elbow - it's about the same. I can flip my hand from palm down to palm up; I have NO up and down movement. It hurts to try and pull the hand back, but I am working on it. I think it's because it isn't fully healed yet, but.....yeah. Am going to keep working on it. I can start using balm on it Friday (counting down? Me? :lol:)

I guess I should pretend to work...


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