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Took all day yesterday, but they are HOME. :whee!: Today is Herself's birthday party, but I don't think anyone but my parents are coming, so it'll be quiet. Just like *I* like it!

SG is taking his fatherhood duties seriously. He KNOWS how important is is to Herself to have the pool. Now, a "normal" man might say, "Too bad, so sad - we couldn't get it done"...but not SG. No, the dear man pulled out the credit card (which we do NOT like to use!), and started running it up, all so she could have the pool here for her party.

Yesterday is a prime example. *I* asked if we could pick up a new ladder - the steps we have work, but aren't stable without a deck (and there was simply NO TiME for him to build the deck he's imagining - he's kinda going over-the-top with it. Whatever...:lol:). I was thinking of the inexpensive Intex ladders - the metal "U"'s that go over the side of the pool, with plastic rungs. Not pretty, not as comfortable as our steps, but serviceable - and did I mention *cheap*?

We picked up the kids (and their stuff), and stopped at a pool store on the way home. I'm looking at cheap ladders....he goes and buys a brand-new set of stairs, because "These are more stable, look better, and I don't want our kids slipping and falling. Or the parents." :hugs: He also bought Herself a pool toy, because she's been asking for it for 2 years now. He thought it was silly, but the grin on her face this morning changed his mind.

She requested a "flaming lemon" cake (from Portal 2) I made her a lemon sheet cake, cut the ends to resemble a lemon, and she used the discards for the flames. :lol: Tastes good - yes, I ate the crumbs - and is unique, just like her.

Gotta go fire up the grill - it's Hamburger time! :bounce:

from ali

Date: 2012-06-17 09:25 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Sounds like the makings of a great day!

Lemon cake sounds so yummy right now.
Happy Bday to your girl!


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