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because we were on the road most of the day. We hit 3 of the fabric outlet stores.....I spent about half of what I had "budgeted" - but that I hadn't really intended to spend. If that makes sense....I also dropped off Herself's Bernina for servicing; the foot pedal failed the technician's test, so he's going to replace the innards. It's about $300 or so for a new one; he'll replace the guts for $119. It should be ready in 2 weeks; I've already taken that amount out of my checkbook so that I won't spend it twice. (I've also taken out the approximate amount of Himself's and my glasses, so that I won't spend it, either.)

So, what did I score? Well.....Herself picked out fabric for 2 full dresses, a pair of PJ's, and 3 yards for...something. Me? I got some more Armani silk for underthings, fabric for 2 more aprons......and.....:gulp:.....6 yards of a LOVELY green wool coating and 5 yards of dark navy Armani silk for a coat. I am...well, not ready to cut into the $38/yard - OK, so I did get 20% off, which makes it about $30/yard, but STILL - wool just yet. I need to find some books on proper coat-making, first......H? Any advice? :lol:

It was a nice day. Tiring, but good. I have to make Herself's first dress by June 5th - Comic Con. She wants to "bound" as Bonnie from FNAF (don't ask, and don't google if you're unfamiliar. It's a horror game character......) (If you're not familiar with started as a Disney thing. Basically, it's normal-ish clothes that reflect a particular character, without being obvious. So, for example, if you wanted to bound as Iron Man, you'd wear a red dress with gold accents, an arc-reactor pendant/brooch, and maybe red and gold ribbons in your hair (assuming you're female. Male would be a red and gold suit with the pendant/brooch, or maybe tie tack.) The point is to capture the "spirit" of the character, without actually being in costume. It's an interesting take, and much cheaper and more.....useful than cosplaying - because it's "real" clothes, and not a costume.

Anyway. I need to figure out what I need to research for the coat (already have a pattern), and then I need to start on Herself's first dress. It'll be easy.....mostly. :lol:

Date: 2016-05-20 03:23 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I learned to coatmake from Gertie, but her tutorial is no longer on Craftsy (she didn't do customer support like she was supposed to). that's how I learned to make my coat. That and obsessive blog reading. Your biggest thing is to take your sweet time with the fitting stage, but you knew that. Fit over whatever you wear in inclement weather, with plenty of movement room.

You might check around, though... craftsy is the bomb, imo. You have the class for all time, and you can replay them as much as you need to. And they go on sale very regularly. Pick a class, join up for the emails, then wait for sale day.

Since you have more fabric money, speaking of places that go on sale constantly, I swear by fabricmart, particularly if you like linen. The dress on HRG is designer linen, 55" wide, and was $10/yd (on sale). Again, sign up for emails.

12yo likes FNAF (rolls eyes) although she's not allowed to play the jump-scare games. I figure it's normal preteen goth fascination and am largely ignoring it (monitoring/ignoring, you know). She's found CUTE FNAF stuff, which baffles me.



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