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It's been non-stop around here lately. We've been on-the-go, busy-busy-busy.....this week I am stepping back and slowing down. A little, anyway.

School is going to be just the basics. Geometry is going to be reviewing theorems and practicing writing proofs (we've been doing them orally; he needs the writing practice).

Yesterday...wait, let me back up. About 2 weeks ago, during one of the latest cold spells, Bailey got into the studio and, well, did his business. Herself tried to clean it, but she has very little experience with wet stains. The rug under the loom was stained, smelly, and...the whole studio was a mess. Then the water softener popped one of the hoses....and the floor got wet. (Let me tell you, salt water on top of dog NASTY.)

SG decided (and I agreed!) that this weekend we would pull everything out, burn the rug, and start over. So yesterday AM we ran to Home Depot (for contractor bags)...and I saw a yard sale. With 2 matched "oriental" rugs...for $10 each. Yes, they came home with me - both are 5' x 8', white with blues/greens...and look really nice under the loom. :lol:

It's still cluttered in there, but Herself and I will take care of that this week. A little decluttering every day is all it'll take - and since she and I use it the most. we're the ones to do the work (Himself needs to work on his room. Legos EVERYWHERE. :sigh:)

And, just for fun, I have a game recommendation: Clumsy Ninja. Seriously - it's FUN, it's cute, and it's safe for all ages. I've made it to Level 12 - it's free, but, of course, to level up faster you can pay in app. I haven't - so it's taking longer. I do the training, then put my ninja down for a nap and do real-life stuff. :lol: Warning: it's addictive.

Gotta go milk - laters!


Date: 2014-02-18 02:57 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
you are milking again..where have I been?


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