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I've been fascinated by reading Jewish books for about the past 2 years. The first one was "The Jewish Home Companion" (or something like that - it's in the bedroom, and I don't feel like digging in the bookshelf for it); it tells you WHAT to do, but not WHY. At first, I didn't care....

Then last year, I got ahold of the "Rashi's Daughters" trilogy. FASCINATING - but it's about Talmud, not Torah (quick question - why are Talmud scholars more revered than Torah scholars? I mean...Talmud is NOT Scripture....) but the peep into the life of Judaism's greatest scholar is just over-the-top cool. And it got me wanting to know *more*. (I'm a lot like one of the daughter's husbands; I don't need to be the top authority on a subject, but I want to KNOW. I love to learn!)

I feel the draw towards Talmud, but I know the dangers (Yeshua tore into the Pharisees and Sadduceees over their emphasis on Talmud. I don't want to go there!). But...Rashi also wrote commentaries on Torah. And eBay has copies......

No, I haven't purchased any - yet. But I will. I have a copy of his Leviticus commentary - found it at a Half Price last year. It' Fascinating! I haven't read the whole thing - I don't have the time to properly devote to it - but what I've read is really neat. Some of the stuff has to be from Talmud (because he fleshes out some of the stories), but it's really, really neat, and right down my alley.

SG said I could buy whatever I wanted - my bonus isn't enough to do what we wanted, so why not? :weak grin: I think I need a set of Rashi's Torah commentary......just need to hunt for the best price.

The party: Oy. Ms boss set there and kept saying how "Blessed every one of us at this table really is. We need to remember that - we are So Much Better Off than many," :blech: Yes, I'm blessed. I know that. But for her to - never mind. I need to focus on important things, not things that don't matter.

Besides, I need to go hunt for a set of books!
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