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Let's see.....we skipped all the Black Friday horror, but did do a little shopping on Saturday. Mostly for SG - he decided he NEEDED a PS4. And Battlefront. He's been watching Himself play it on his first, he wanted a Windoze gaming laptop.....I reminded him that he HATES MS with a passion. This....well, it's sorta scratched *that* itch. For now.

He got the Battlefront edition (NOT the Star Wars was $50 more, which wasn't a concern - but the GameStop we were at didn't have any in stock. The Battlefront edition came with Battlefront (duh!) and 4 older Star Wars games to download.), and he's a happy camper. At the moment...

Yesterday was Hanukkah prezzie shopping. We are at about 60% for both kids; seeing how we were at 0 when we started, this is pretty good! :lol: Yes, both kids know what they're getting...but they don't know which gift will come on which night. :snicker: And...we needed the input. Herself is getting mostly plushies (Build-A-Bear. We scored the Halloween Werewolf for her - FINALLY! - so I don't have to listen to the whining any more. :whew!:); Himself is getting Legos. Star Wars kits, natch. And the Battlefront Season Pass.

I got my birthday present - a Fitbit Charge HR. I have a Flex right's....OK. It isn't very accurate; it loses about 25 steps out of every 100. :sigh: And all it does is track steps and miles. The Charge HR does that (but with more accuracy, supposedly), plus is monitors your heart rate, it has a watch built in, and it can be set up with caller ID. (Whatever. I want the watch!) I've put it up until my B-day, though...because I like getting presents. :lol:

My Hanukkah prezzie? A check. I have a spiral notebook with my wish lists (categorized, even! WITH website info!), but no, SG doesn't want to mess with it. He claims he's not sure he'd pick the "right", if they're on a list, they're "right". :sigh: and :lol: I'll be picking up some patterns, fabric, and attachments for the Rocketeer. I've already bought the first present, though - I renewed our Perot membership. They had a Cyber-Monday discount today - 25% off! How could I wait?? :lol: (And how funny is it that *my* present is a family membership? :snicker:) I'll be purchasing the patterns probably Wednesday (the check will be deposited tomorrow); the fabric shopping will happen next Monday, I think. I want to hit the Outlet Stores again. There's some books and CDs I want, but they can wait - I need new pants! :lol:

I almost got a puppy......the ASPCA has an area set up at the mall. :sigh: They had the CUTEST Blue Heeler girl yesterday..she looked just enough like Snips that 3 of us melted. (Himself was the sane one.) We managed to leave her there....but it was hard. (Repeat after me: "We do NOT need another dog. We do NOT need another dog. We do NOT.....)

Anyway, back to school for us. Hope your holiday was a good one! I have enough leftovers to feed us for another week, I think......
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We're still suffering from the turkey coma here - Himself didn't eat anything until *10:30* this morning! Might have had simething to do with the 3 servings of lunch and near-constant snacking yesterday. :lol:

Today it's cold and wet. We've spent the day mostly curled up by the wood stove. No off line shopping for us! (Or online, actually.)

Tonight will be leftovers, then tomorrow we'll have turkey enchiladas, and turkey soup, and turkey omelettes, and....I bought a 20 pound bird. We have TONS of leftovers! :rofl:

Have a good one!
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because boy, have I got photos for you!!! God is good - and I'll show you THAT in a minute! :lol:

First up, let me catch you up on the sock knitting front. (Because I am ALL about the socks, right? :lol:) Let's start with the Yaacov socks, V.2.0 (which Herself STOLE from me. :humph: :lol:)

2015 Yaakov Socks V.2.0

2015 Yaacov socks V.2.0 other side

Except for the spots where the colors ran together, I am *very* pleased with these. We dyed the yarn ourselves, and it pretty much worked out. I figured out where we went "wrong" (and, let me say that the original socks, the ones in the book, have areas of colors running together. So, in that respect, we HIT it out of the park. *I* however, want a pair with NO or very little blurriness.) You'll note that they match *exactly*, which was also part of the plan.

Herself is totally enthralled with them, so they are still a win. :lol:

Next up, the current sock - I give you Socks to Knit While Bored (aka: Sherlocked!) :lol:

2015 Sherlocked in progress

I am...not following the pattern exactly. I know, I KNOW - but...I really, really HATE trying to purl color work. I can do it, but...I don't LIKE it. And I'm not really sure I have enough of the black yarn dyed up to do solid-color heels (the toes WILL be solid, because I think it'll look better.) color-worked heels were always the plan. I knit 2 rows....and decided to sub the heel from Maurits (remember the neon lizards? THAT heel. :lol:) You knit the heel flap and gusset AND instep at the same time; you decrease all the added stitches away and get a triangular thing going on on the foot. I think it'll look cool, so....there ya go. :lol:

And now.......well. I browse CraigsList quite a bit, usually just the Free and Arts and Crafts areas. Thursday I hit A&C, and saw an ad for "Free Clay!", so I clicked on it. It was from a teacher about 1 hour away who is moving, and decided she didn't want to move her pottery clay. I called. She said "Well, it's only about 200 pounds of clay, but I just don't want to bother moving it. I'll just buy new once I get settled (? Um.....that's still moving 200 pounds of clay, right? Whatever....). We made arrangements to pick it up yesterday, and Herself got moderately excited.

Well. Um. We got there yesterday AM,, here - have a peek:

Free Clay

This, my friends, is "200" pounds of clay. Plus 50 pounds of Air-dry clay, 2 5-gallon buckets of pre-mixed slip, and.....oh my gosh, probably another 10 gallons or so of colored slip. And some tools. And some plaster of paris to make molds. And....I honestly don't know what all else. I just know that the back of my Jeep - which can hold 25 bags of horse feed, or 2 square bales of hay (with some room left over) or a wolfhound, or a full-size pregnant Nubian - is FULL. Today I HAVE to rearrange the Studio - SG is going to bring home a set of shelves tomorrow to put this stuff on - because....well, it can't stay in the Jeep. :lol:

The lady also gave us a lead on a consignment shop that sells artwork; we went and had a good long talk with the proprietor. Herself is......mildly anxious, excited, and scared about this. I have a contract that we are going to look over......this could be good for us. The proprietor is also interested in my soaps and We'll see. I HAVE to get the loom unearthed so I can get back to's been far too long.

Anyway, what a HUGE blessing this is! Clay isn't *that* expensive,'s not super-cheap, either. All of this is the same firing temp as her porcelain, so she can make stuff out of both and fire them at the same time. And the glazes will work on both. :happy dance:

Guess I'd better get to work - we have a LOT of rearranging to do!
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because we were supposed to be at the Med. Center for the 2nd scan right now. Only, we're home......

Yesterday was the day of the Scan. I got up at 5-Freaking-0'clock and headed straight out to milk. In the dark (no biggie), the cold (OK, that's a bit of an issue for me) AND the rain. Oh, did I mention the HAIL???? Because I got hit with quite a few hailstones......anyway. Got everyone sorted, grabbed a quick shower, then grabbed Herself (who has been a basket-case the past few weeks; not only does this screw up her routine (which is Verboten - you do NOT mess with her routine!), but she gets very, very tense when she doesn't know what is going to happen. :sigh:) and headed out. At 6 AM. In the dark. And rain. (The hail had thankfully passed by then). We had an hour drive to the Med. I left an hour and a half early. ( just never know. Traffic. Accidents. Trains. Which....we met 2 of the 3....the accidents happened AFTER we passed thru, Thank God!)

So. We check in and are led to the Radiology waiting area. I get out the current sock and settle in; Herself nervously plays on her DS. 1.5 hours LATER (at 8:45...our appointment was *8*, mind you!), we get taken back to the room. The nurse starts asking questions......"is she on any thyroid medication?" Um....well, yes and no. WHAT? She's on Propanol - which is NOT a "real" thyroid med; it's a beta-blocker that also does "good" things to the thyroid - and all Hell broke loose. Nope, can't take the test - the thyroid med will mess it up.'s NOT A THYROID MED you morons! OK, is she on any multi-vitamins? Well, yes -but she hasn't taken one in over 3 weeks. NO NO NO NO - it has to be at least *6* weeks, so No Test For You!

I....will not repeat what I said to them (but I honestly didn't cuss. I am proud of that! I saved that for SG, who is a Marine and can take it.) - but I. Was. Pissed. I had cleared 2 days of everything so we could do this stinking test, and now I'm told no, we can't, too bad for you?

The message I left on the doctor's answering machine was NOT happy. They haven't called me back - which doesn't surprise me! - but they'd better. I told them I was DONE with this stupid test. This is the 2nd time they've screwed up - I am NOT giving them a 3rd try. They can figure something else out - no more hour drives (and 1/4 tank of gas!) for a 2-day test (that would be - at the minimum! - *4* hours in the car over 2 days, and 1/2 tank of gas.) They deal. And they'd better - SOMETHING is going on with Herself's thyroid; it's messing up everything else in her life, and they NEED to get a handle on it. Oh, and did I mention it's a FASTING test??????? :bangs head:

:deep breath: I am actually calm(ish) this AM. I need to rip back a few rows on my sock....I got kinda tense there for a bit and....well, you can tell. :lol:

I need to post photos for y'all, but it'll have to wait. I'm not in the mood for pictures right now......
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But BlueBell is back in stores. Sorry, folks, but BlueBell Ice Cream won, hands down! (It's been off store shelves since April. Longest. Summer. EVER!). (Also, best ice cream EVER.)
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because honestly, I've got nothing. It rained all weekend - which we needed! - and it's been slow and -dare I say it?- Normal around here. So, have a few photos of country life!

First up, this what happens when it rains for 24+ hours:

Loki on couch

Loki takes over the loveseat - he's not a BIG dog, but...he takes up a LOT of room. I guess he's a T.A.R.D.I.S. dog.....:lol:

Chloe bored

Poor Chloe is bored. So bored, even the rocking chair didn't amuse her. (Sorry the photo is dark - I took it last night. Her head is on the arm of the chair, and her expression is one of total boredom. :lol:)

Bree in cone of shame

Bree isn't a happy camper - I am making her wear the Cone of Shame 24/7. SG felt sorry for her and took it off Saturday - she pulled 1 stitch out. I yelled at him; he took it off again last night and she pulled *2* stitches out. :sigh: I wish he'd think of HER instead of him (she was knocking into things, and he - poor baby - said he couldn't sleep because of it. Funny thing - he was SNORING 3 minutes before. Chloe barked, which woke him up, and Bree knocked into the bedroom door trying to get outside to bark, too. :bangs head:

She had 3 lumps removed.....1 was sent to pathology. Yes, cancer has been mentioned, but there's not much we can do if they are malignant. Chemo.....I don't know if I can do that to her. 1 spot is on her side - that's the one she's removed the 3 stitches from - 1 is on her belly between her front legs, and the 3rd is on her back leg, under her tail. :sigh:

OK, this next picture HAD to be taken, because otherwise no one would believe us. Yesterday morning Herself and I went for a walk in between rain showers. We went about 2 miles...and on the way back we saw the KING of Frogs:

Frog on Walk

He weighed (according to Herself) about 2 pounds. I have seen lots of large frogs in my life, but NEVER have I seen one THIS Big. We named him Jeremiah (because I think he's a bullfrog....:rofl:) and relocated him away from the side of the road.

I made Himself's Pants muslin today - he was happy with them. :blink: AND they fit pretty well. Not perfectly, but...honestly? They don't have to. They are for Dec. 18.....:lol: I want them to look good, but I'm not totally focused on perfect fit. I'll try to sew up the "real" ones tomorrow, then it's on to the Jedi tunic.

Need to figure out dinner - laters!
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We have had an....interesting weekend. Friday, we ran to pick up/drop up work. Himself noticed it was "Force Friday" - the day when ALL the new lines of Star Wars merchandise was released - and asked if we might be able to stop at Toys R Us. Sure! So, off we went.

He didn't find anything he HAD to have, so we started to head out....and he came to an abrupt stop. "Mom! It's OUT!" "Um....what's out?" "Disney Infinity 3.0!" "Um...GameStop didn't TELL me! We need to stop!"

See, back in May we had put a deposit down on the just announced 3.0. With STAR WARS characters. GameStop is usually really good about notifying me of release dates.....but not this time. Last I had heard (3 weeks or so ago), it was looking like December. NOT August 30 (which was the actual release date. :sigh:)

Long story short, Himself had just enough money to pay off the game, and we took it home. I told the kids, do your chores early and you can go ahead and start playing it......they did. :lol:

We have spent the entire weekend (and part of this AM, before school), playing 3.0. Yes, the ENTIRE family. It's a 2-player game, so we've been swapping out...but. IF you have 2 consoles and 2 copies of the game you can network and play 4-player co-op. We have the 2 PS3's.....looks like we'll be getting another copy of the game on payday. :lol:

I stink, but I've managed to level up Ahsoka to Level 11. Herself has focused on Iron Man (because, see, you can play ALL the current Disney characters in 3.0. So, we've had some interesting combos...) - he's almost level 20. Himself likes Anakin, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, while SG has been messing around with the various other characters (Wreck It Ralph vs. Darth Vader in a boss fight. It was HYSTERICAL!)

This is our first version of Infinity - I like it. There's a toy box mode where basically anything goes - any and all characters can interact, you can set up battle areas to level up faster, you can one point this AM, Himself had set up an arena to level up Black Widow. He put in an enemy spawn button; the idea was that Black Widow or Ironman would press the button to spawn more enemies. Only.....he had it set to spawn Clone troopers, 6 at a time. He and Herself were busy fighting, and the enemies kept coming. He couldn't figure out WHY there were over 100 he worked his way over to the button, and discovered that some of the troopers had decided the spawner was an enemy...and they were pressing the button, spawning MORE troopers, who decided it was an enemy, thereby pressing the button was hysterical! :lol: And why Black Widow leveled up so quickly. :rofl:

It's a fun game! Worth the money, but be warned: the characters are about $15/each, unless you take advantage of GameStop's frequent offers. We stocked up on older ones when they ran a buy 1 used/get 1 half off deal. Right now, it's buy 2 used/get *3* used FREE. We...don't need any more older ones right now, so we'll pass - but I WILL be buying Star Wars characters soon. I need Obi Wan, and Yoda, and and and...:lol:
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because our A/C went out yesterday. :sigh: It was 92* INSIDE this AM......and the A/C guy JUST finished baling-wiring it back together. We are seriously considering getting it replaced (to the point that the guy is working up the numbers, and SG is on the phone getting approved for financing serious) - because folks, THIS is TEXAS, and it's only June. My electric bill is currently right at $300/month....and it WILL go up, because it WILL get hotter. :sigh: The guy claims a heat pump will cut costs at least 40%....I hope so.

Anyway.....I will try to get photos posted tomorrow. I came home from the Fabric Outlet with 5 yards of "food" fabric, 3 yards of penguin fabric, 2 yards of a coordinating color, 3 yards of spandex lining, 2 yards of patterned spandex, and a scant yard of rose spandex.....for $100. I'm not sure how the patterned spandex will work for a swimsuit - it's a large print - or if I have enough of the rose, but I'll try to get at least 1 complete suit out of them. I need to go back to get some actual clothing fabric (H, the patterns arrived! THANK YOU!!!! The wrap dress is one I've looked at, but not gotten around to buying yet. :lol:)...but that'll be later. I think the A/C is more important. I've sewn 5 grocery bags and 3 insulated grocery bags so far.

And H, I blame YOU for my current obsession with vintage sewing books. I have found quite a few downloadable ones (from the late 1800's and early 1900's), and I have bought...1 so far. Plus the 2 draft-your-own patterns (and I'm looking at others, but I want to read vintage books to see if that's really what my foremothers had to do before I go whole-hog.) I have modern how-to sew books, but....I want to see what people in the '40s and '50s had to learn from. Hey, if I'm going to sew up a vintage-inspired wardrobe (eventually), I want to know how they are expected to sew them. Besides, I'm a book junkie.......I am afraid. VERY afraid - I'm already out of room on my bookshelves. This could get....messy. :lol:

Oh, for all y'all gamers - IF you are into Disney Infinity (3.0 is coming! Star Wars!!!!!!) you might want to get to Game Stop. From now until July 9 all used Infinity characters are buy 3 or more, get them for 50% off. Um.....we have kinda gone off the deep end. We do NOT own Disney Infinity - yet - but we have prepaid a deposit on 3.0. (What? It's STAR WARS. Of COURSE we'll be buying it!) We bought 13 characters and 2 location markers for $80 - which sounds like a lot, until you realize that most of the characters are $19.99; some are $12.99 but the popular ones (like the Avengers!) are $19.99. The Avengers starter pack (Black Widow, Iron Man, and Avengers Tower) is $39.99 new; we got all 3 for $16 used. MUCH more economical! Especially since I was holding out for Star Wars to be added - with Infinity, you have to buy a new game every time they upgrade the characters. They say that it IS backward-character compatible, so.....we are trying to get our favorite characters NOW in anticipation of 3.0.

AAAAAANNNNNNNND - we are getting a 2-stage heat pump. They'll be out to install it on Monday...we are now a little bit more in debt, but what could we do? August is coming......
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which is normal, right? :sigh:

Herself had a doc appt last week...she's got something going on with her thyroid. She has an appt with an endocrinologist on the 9th to see what we need to do. Fun - and worrisome! - times!

Goat kids are doing well. We have dried up Annie - leaving me with 3 on the stand - because she couldn't get on the stand by herself, and she got diarrhea, which is BAD for goats. Her milk production had dropped to nearly nothing - which is unusual for her - so, I made the call. I put her on some loading doses of antibiotic, and have been forcing hay and grain down her. :sigh: She's out right now, eating weeds. I'll put her up shortly - it's Not Raining now, but it will rain soon.

We currently have a very pissed off sparrow fledgling in the Studio. He (she?) fell out of the nest yesterday morning and Chloe grabbed him. We got him away from her, but it seems like his leg may be broken. So, into a shoebox in the Studio he went. He's active - he got out of the box for a few hours last night - and has his first flight feathers, so maybe he'll make it. I hope so.....

I will have photos later - they're on my phone, not my laptop. :sigh: I'll transfer them over at doe point soon......
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because we've been BUSY. Let's see...Saturday was errand day. We had car-work done, then went clothes shopping (it's INSANE how much clothes cost AND how the manufacturers have messed with sizing. Women's, anyway. See, I've lost 10 pounds. I KNOW they're gone - my old clothes are LOOSE. Problem - new clothes labels are *2* sizes larger than the old, almost worn out shorts. Seriously....I wish they'd come up with standardized sizing - it's a bit of a downer to try on clothes in my OLD size and they NOT fit, when a) my 3 year old shorts are 2 sizes smaller and LOOSE and b) I've lost weight and a few inches. :grumble:) We also hit Harbor Freight to pick up some tools for SG - and to look at anvils for Himself.

See, he's all of a sudden developed a desire to try blacksmithing (OK, forging - but blacksmithing is easier for folks to understand). I have a gas-powered mini-forge on order for him, but he needs tools, too. Harbor Freight has a small anvil for $59; Himself said, well, maybe it'll work. I dunno. THEN he got upset because we didn't buy it for him. kinda need to tell me you want to TRY it, y'know?? :sigh:

Sunday was a visit-day - we had some friends over. Good times, but exhausting. The dogs managed to destroy the pet door (they were locked out, and Not Happy.) so I had to spend Sunday evening whipping up a new flap (this one is upholstery fabric, because it's all I had on hand that was even remotely OK for this. Now we have a FLORAL pet door flap...ah, well. It's green-based, so it fits the room, AND it matches the sofa pillows. :lol:

Yesterday...ah, yesterday was Clean the Barn day, because it didn't RAIN. Praise God! (Although we still need some rain, but it's not desperate like before.) I moved Netanya (Hebrew for "Gift of God" - I don't normally do names like this, but she kinda needed it, if you get what I'm trying to say. She IS, and the name fits her.) out to the barn for play time; she ended up out there all night, and did well, so I guess I no longer have a house-goat. We also got the tin to repair the hay barn roof and the milk room roof (a new skylight panel! I will have a light in the milk room again!!)

Knitting: I finished (Finally!!) SG's socks on Sunday, and started a pair of fingerless gloves yesterday...the first one is almost done. :!: I have a pair of socks ready to start, another one I need to wind the yarn for, AND a pair of felted slippers ready to start.

I finished 2 more bags - 1 for me, 1 for a gift - that just need buttons.

I *think* that gets me caught up, except for photos, which I will try to do tomorrow. Today it's overcast - again! - and we're waiting on the dryer repairman. Oh, yeah - the dryer went out on Thursday. :sigh: We moved my clothesline yesterday AM, so I spent most of the afternoon hanging clothes/taking them down (because I was out of things to wear. :sigh:) Hope he can fix it today - the kids are almost out of clothes, and rain is forecasted every day for the next 10.

Hugs to all who need them. Ali, are you taking some time out for YOU? Are you still crocheting? Hearthie, good luck at the Fair!
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:lol: Yesterday was a bit of a quicky, update-wise. Let's do a little bit better today, shall we?

1. Bathroom Baby: Doing well. I think she's got something going on with her right eye; she doesn't open it all the way and it tears up a lot. I put some Gentamycian in it, in the hopes that it'll help. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it bothers ME. She can get up and down now, and she's starting to discover her anti-grav feet. :lol:

2. Sewing: I told you I made a bag a week or 2 ago (did I show you, though? Can't remember.....); well, Saturday I made 2 more. Same Simplicity pattern, but I modified the assembly (because the instructions are...well, stupid. They have you sew the bottom together, then the top, THEN attach the top to the bottom. Um. I'm not the best sewer, so maybe it's just me, but I can't get the stupid side seams to match up when I do it that way. By sewing the top to the bottom, THEN sewing the 2 sides together, it looks much better and was easier to do.) I also lengthened the straps - the pattern ones make the bag snug up into your armpit when you carry it. I.....don't like that. So, I have a new bag (that needs buttons) and Herself has a crochet bag (that also needs buttons)...and I have the fabric for 2 more. (1 more for me, and 1 as a present.) I need to work on my zipper insertion, but the bags work and look - if I do say so myself! - nice. (Buttons are forthcoming. I sketched out 2 more styles, and Herself is going to carve the stamps and get them made in the next day or 2.) (2 color work project bags and 1 sweater bag, if you're interested in why I need 3 bags. We will not discuss how many sock bags I have.....because it got a little silly there for a while. Let's just say that I can knit socks for the rest of the year and not reuse a bag. Maybe 2 years.....:lol:)

3. Mixer: Did I mention that SG finally replaced my KitchenAid mixer a few months ago? Well, I had an Artisan - nice, smallish, but nice - that Himself and I managed to overload with a loaf of Rye bread. After a lot of arguing, SG finally replaced it for me (I mean, really - we can afford $200 for a new RC controller, and $99 for a new quad-copter, and $65 for a simulation program, but we can't afford $250 for a mixer the SAME WEEKEND????? I swear.....:grumble:); I found a RED Professional 5.5 quart model for $259. I. LOVE. IT. LOVE it!! I can mix up 2 loaves of bread in under 10 minutes with this thing - it's fantastic!!! Himself used it to make some Pretzels....and HE loves it, too. :lol: (Herself is still scared of it). (Why the love today? Because I have 2 loaves of bread rising right now...with no effort on my part.)

4. Knitting: Still slogging along on SG's socks...I HATE them. :sigh: At least I'm on the foot of #2 now.......I wanna play with COLOR. With TEXTURE. I wanna knit something FUN!!!!! :lol: I need to whip out a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend who was just diagnosed with mouth cancer, but then it's SOCKS. With color. And then with texture.

5. Roof: The check was sent off to the mortgage company yesterday, so hopefully they can get started SOON. It has rained EVERY DAY here since....well.....April or so. Some days it was just sprinkles - but Rain. Which we NEED, but not all at once. I am NOT complaining, mind you - but Rain. I think N. Texas is now pretty much out of the drought - I know 1 lake is 2' OVER it's "full" level - which is good.

6. SSI: The meeting yesterday went OK; the application will be sent to the agent that makes the determination as soon as they get some forms back. I.....have hope, but I'm not counting on approval yet. ASD stuff is kind of hard to quantify - I KNOW she can't work for someone/with strangers, but how do SSA know that? :sigh:

I think that pretty much catches us up. I am VERY glad I journal everything - I spent a few hours yesterday trolling my archives for SSA. Yes, I put stuff out here - and I'm glad I did. Let's hope it helped!

ETA Forgot something!

7. New program: I found a program - Printopia for Mac (not sure if it's for Windoze, too). This program/app makes it so that ANY printer hooked up to your Mac becomes an Air printer (that is, wireless so that ANY device you have can print to it). I have a very old HP LaserJet 4L hooked up to the router (or.....something. I really don't know WHAT it's hooked up to; I just know that any of our computers can print to it, but the tablets couldn't.); now? ALL the tablets can see it and print wirelessly to it (as long as either my Air or SG's iMac is on. Since his is on all. the. time, this isn't an issue. :happy dance:
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Updated count:

doelings: 4 (+1 dead)
bucklings: 1 (+2 dead) you know, I induced Risky Saturday evening. I did it after a LOT of soul-searching; her due date (day 150) was 5/10; they can go 5 days before - 5 days after (but after the fiasco that was Mocha and Annie a few years ago, NONE of my goats will go more than 36 hours or so over their due date.) SG and I had a HUGE fight over this, but Risky had started showing signs of early labor on Monday (pawing, avoiding the other goats, not *eating*) and by Saturday all she was doing was laying in one sot moaning. I decided that having her pop on day 144 (which would have been today, and still early) would be better than making her wait any longer. (When you induce, you give them Lute. 36 hours later (or so), you have babies. I NEVER do it willy-nilly, I always make sure we're within (or close) to day 145 or later, and I make sure I have a damn good reason to induce. This year, I did Inara, because we weren't going to be home on her due date (she went the day before), I did Annie (because I will NOT let her go over - she's a smaller goat, and I don't want to lose her like we did Mocha), and I did Zoe because she was due tomorrow, and, again - we aren't going to be home.)

Cut because it got long. Click here! )

Oh, and to top it off? The insurance adjuster came out on Friday, and not only were the barns damaged, but we need a new roof. :fun: And it's my fault that the adjuster came out.....even though I simply did what I was told and reported the barn damage. I......don't get it, but such is life.
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First, new count:

doelings: 3
bucklings: 1 (+1 dead)

Zoe gave us a BEAUTIFUL brown and white doeling, and Annie had a pretty (but, unfortunately) dead black buckling. I'm kinda glad it was this way, though - bucklings are hard to sell. (We're keeping May Flowers, because, well, she's GORGEOUS.)

Now, story of my stupidity Cut for length. And photos. )
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Don't know if our night made the national news - it did make the local! - but, first - we are all OK. Animals and people. Including the 2 new babies Inara gave us last night. :lol:

Doeling: 2
Buckling: 1

Anyway, we had MAJOR storms roll 8:30 last night the rain was HORIZONTAL. Freaky! At 11:30 PM we went out to check on Inara (and the horses)...but we didn't SEE the damage clearly until this AM.

I'll you:

The milk room roof:

storm - milkroom

The hay barn:

storm - hay barn

The buck barn:

storm - buck barn

The "missing" roof:

storm - roof

(that's in the neighbor's pasture...about 50 feet from the barn.) There are tree limbs down everywhere. The news says there's lots of damage in town - doesn't surprise me!

Oh, and Ali - April is doing GREAT. The Bo-Se shot apparently flipped a switch - she is taking full bottles now, and demanding MORE. She's not real happy this morning, having to share her space with 2 interlopers that get bottles while she is STARVING. :snicker:

We're waiting on the insurance adjuster now, but I have a feeling this is going to come in just under our deductible. We'll see......
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But not AS cold - 33* and sleet/rain. Supposed to turn to snow in a bit. It's all slushy outside....and we have to haul water from the house because the main pipe to the barn burst. Fun times!

Ali, first off {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}. I am horrid about commenting - I keep meaning to email, but life gets in the way. I will TRY to do better, OK? (And.....I'm back to not commenting anymore. I don't like the PA snark when I do. :sigh: So, it'll be here or private emails.) I also need to get off my duff and get some stuff done - I have some stuff I wanna do for you, but.....I suck.)

Money: IRS STILL can't tell me why the refund is MIA; the story now is "cracking down on some to prevent ID theft". Yeah, said you sent the deposit, then 5 days later said "Problem!".....I'm thinking there's more to it than just cracking down. (Honestly? I think they have a security problem, but won't admit it....we might hear about it in a few months.)

Post Office: I am disappointed in our service. Up to now, I've had great luck with the PO; in the past 2 weeks they've:

1. Lost SG's package, claimed I picked it up on the day the package was mailed (ummm...what? That's...impossible!). They "found" it; when I went in to get it I was told "Oh! We've been holding a LOT of packages for you for DAYS and DAYS". Again - What????? The "lot of packages" was 6, and there was NO slip or key in my box. :bangs head:

2. And then - and THEN! - I get a book (OOP, of course!) that is TOTALLY MANGLED. SG was on the mail run; he took it to the desk and asked "Um.....what happened?" The clerk said "WE didn't do it!"..which pissed him off...he said "OH. So, you're saying *I* did this when I pulled it from the box???" Which pissed HER off....she took it from him and stamped "Damaged on Arrival" all over it (I think they were just going to ignore the black marks, ripped package, and book pages all over the place). We've filed a claim but....I don't have much hope.

3. Lost ANOTHER book - I ordered 6 books from Half Price Online. 4 have arrived "safely" (1 had the envelope torn, but the book was fine); 1 is mangled beyond use, and 1 is MIA. The seller put a trace on's been sitting in the same spot for a week, which they say means it's "lost". :bangs head: Good news - the seller has another copy! Bad news - they sent it USPS again. (All but 1 of the books is technically OOP - you CAN find copies, but not easily, and most of them are full price or more. :sigh:)

And yet...the PO wants MORE money. Wonder why people are using other carriers????

:deep breath:

God is good - I was in a panic over funds last night. The electric bill is $250 MORE than usual; add to that I had 2 quarterly bills hit AND we have $175 due to the dentist Friday. So...I was in a panic until I sat down and ran the numbers. I have enough to buy groceries (my big concern) with a little bit left over. :whew: I know I shouldn't fret...but it's hard to remember that in the moment. I need to do better.....

And I need to shower, because today is a snowy grocery day. I can't wait...we are OUT of just about everything. :sigh: Stay warm!
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because we have been on the GO all weekend.

Got up early and left after morning stables. Had to go to Ft. Worth; SG had found 2 RC controllers (normally $65 each) on CraigsList for $60. I asked if we could go to a Ceramics store in FW while out; he said yes, IF we had time. (American Ceramics closes at 12 on Saturdays).

Well. Got to the CL listing at 10....American Ceramics is less than 10 miles from there. :whee!: Herself got 6 new glazes - these are a 1-step thing. Glaze and Overglaze in 1; you can paint the dry clay with it, then fire it 1x and you're done. The stuff she had is a 2 step process; paint the dry clay, fire, then paint with overglaze and re-fire. She's going to be playing with it sometime this week.

We then hit Harbor Freight to price air brushes. Then Hobby Lobby to compare...we'll be going back to Harbor Freight. THEN we hit Entertainmart for Himself; he was looking for a popular GameCube Game (Star Fox Assault). They had it - and it works! - so he's happy.

THEN, off to Half-Price Books for me. And a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant. Good food, fun chef.

Then we headed home. Until this morning.....

Hit a Hobby shop for SG to get a plane to play with. And a couple of hobby stores to get stuff to *build* a plane....and another Half-Price to see what they had on RC stuff (scored 2 books - good stop!) We're finally home.....and I do need a nap.

Fun times - hope y'all's weekend was as fun!
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because it was fun!

1. Yesterday was Comic Con! I have quite a few photos - I need to see if I feel comfortable posting them, as Herself is plainly ID'able (she's OK with it, but.....I am not. Not really, anyway.) Suffice to say that there were Daleks aplenty, and she got her photo taken with all of them. :lol: We "met" Dalek Tim, who said "Hello" to me (THAT photo is hysterical, because I didn't expect it to turn the eyestalk to me and say "Hello". It was a hoot! We talked to a group that is producing a fan-based Dr. Who series (Soldier Stories) online - sounds fantastic.

SG got autographs from Nichelle Nichols (the original Uhura) and the actor who played Ti'ilk (Stargate). $80.....:wince:...but he wanted them.

It was fun - even though we stood in line outside for 1.5 hours (AND we had purchased our tickets online!!!!). I overheard Security say that 11K people were there - not sure if they meant AT that moment, or Saturday total - it was PACKED. To the point that *I* started freaking out a little. Still, it was fun - both kids enjoyed it.

2. Heard from Skutt! It IS a Skutt kiln; built sometime between 1960 and 1980. It needs a Lot of Work, according to the tech....I am waiting to see what the estimate is before moving forward. I also asked my potter friend to give me her opinion. We'll have to pay for the repairs piecemeal no matter what; I just don't want to pay MORE than the kiln is actually worth, y'know? And I don't want to pay for something it doesn't really *need*. So....we're in a holding pattern there.

3. Bought more yarn for Himself's kilt hose from a Ravelry member. I gotta say, the Lord is good!! And I apparently *did* rate a miracle, because - Miracle of Miracles!!! - the dye lot MATCHED mine!!!! (You have NO idea about how big a deal this is! See....yarn is dyed in batches - might be large ones, but still, finite batches. Each batch has it's own dye lot number; it means that all the yarn with *that* number was dyed at the same time, in the same pool of dye. I bought my yarn last March from a store in WA state. The destash came from a lady in Indiana.....and all of the "new" yarn is the exact same dye lot as my original set!!!!! What are the odds???? I'm telling you, God is GOOD!!)

3a. Speaking of Kilt Hose, I am 3" away from starting the toe on #1. :Sigh: Kid's got big feet! Still, I can see the end of this more to go.

4. Not much knitting will be done Thursday. The Perot has a new exhibit opening this weekend - The International Exhibit of Sherlock Holmes. Members-only days are Thursday and Friday, and we are going! Yes, I'll be in my Sherlocked shirt.....I don't have the socks done yet, but that's OK. I'll probably do them in March. Maybe many socks, so little time. :lol: The kids are kinda excited - this is a forensics "lab" type exhibit. Should be fun!

Our IRS refund is due to hit Tuesday. Gotta pay the taxes, then I get to go buy a new washer and *hopefully* my replacement KitchenAid stand mixer. Won't have much "fun" money this year, but hey - at least the taxes are paid, right?

Gotta skitter - got knitting to do!
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I think. Still stuffy, sneezing all over the place (I don't usually sneeze. Right now? It's epidemic. :sigh:) Headache-y, dry, itchy eyes...but hey! I'm awake! And semi-coherent!!

I finished SG's Tardis socks last night. They're currently on the blockers drying (I always wash my hand knits when I take them off the needles - no telling what kind of gunk they have, and water makes the stitches look better.), so no pics yet. I also finished shoelace #1 and started #2 - only, it's from Season 18. It's all purples (for the "Rose" fits, and it's STILL the Doctor's scarf, so it works, too. And I won't get bored! :lol:)

I also started a hat for me.....yeah. I'm borked. But hats are fast and useful and on larger needles than socks - and my wrists need that right now.

And apparently I have "sucker" written in Canine on my forehead. :sigh: We ran to Sonic yesterday for milkshakes (which...I didn't get. Because SG accidentally dropped mine. :bangs head:) and both of us saw a small dog almost get run over. I guess the other driver saw my panicked face and flailing arms, because he slammed on the brakes; I opened my door and said "Here baby! C'mon here!" and up this little beagle ran and hopped right in the car. She let me cuddle her for about 15 seconds, then she wriggled over to the back seat, curled up, and went to sleep. :sigh:

I took her to both vets today, and she's not chipped and neither one recognizes her. She's sweet, but she HATES our dogs. HATES them. It looks like she's a spoiled l'il girl, used to being an only child. We've called a local rescue group (they are going to try to pick her up tonight. :fingers crossed:).....she spent the night in MY bed; SG was banished to the sofa because Loki and Tigger were NOT happy with the situation. (The bed is THEIRS, you see - and she won't let any other dog get near her. She's a beagle, which means she's no banishment to the bathroom.) I don't think I can take much more of the Drama around here....:lol:

I need to go blow my nose again. Laters!


Jan. 20th, 2015 04:17 pm
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1. We had to put Bailey down yesterday - it was past time. He had started refusing food, and was totally blind. Yesterday AM, he couldn't stand up on his own, so SG finally made the call. (I had reached that point a few months ago, but was told No, it wasn't time yet. :sigh:) He had a good, long life - he was 14. For a Pyr, that's incredible - the vet even said that!

2. Finished SG's first sock. I had forgotten why I don't like knitting socks for him - nothing's ever *right*. Normally, I knit his socks on 72 stitches; for this pair I bumped it up to 80 (because color work does draw in a little...not an inch!, but a little). He claims it's TOO TIGHT (no way. No freaking way it is too tight - it slips over his heel (with a little work - you don't want them floppy!) and I can stick 2 fingers in there with his heel - and the stitches STILL have more stretch!). Then, I asked him what color he wanted the heels and toes - blue (like the rest of the sock), white, or black. He hemmed, he hawed, then said "White." OK. I start the heel (while we are OUT running errands!) and he says....."Oh. I wanted Black." :bangs head: OK...I offer to stop and switch to black when we get home...."No. White's....OK, I guess." :big sigh:

He's now in the "solid color or self-striping yarns ONLY" category.

3. Finished all the work, and will deliver it tomorrow. Client has offered lunch.....I won't say no. :lol: Since I'm doing them a favor, client offered the kids lunch too - so, we're going out tomorrow. :shudder: and :lol:

4. Oh! Almost lost a horse yesterday (because SG is a doofus.) He has suddenly gotten WAY into RC toys (don't. Just...don't ask. Because we can't afford to replace my mixer (and I found a replacement IN STOCK locally for 1/4 the regular price!!!!!), but we certainly can afford a RC drone, a Universal controller (that cost $19 LESS than my mixer......:grrrrr:), parts for a "free" plane, more batteries, more parts...honestly? We could have bought my mixer AT FULL PRICE and still not spent what he's spent on toys......nevermind me. I'm a little over-wrought right now.) - anyway.

Yesterday he was off. He decides to go INTO the horse pasture (mistake #1), WITH the girls (mistake #2) and attempt to fly his plane (mistake #3). Which he crashes into the tree. Which freaked out the girls (of course)...and Denara freaked out and tried to jump the fence....only her back leg got tangled in the wire and down she went, all tangled. :freak out:

Himself and I ran down there, thinking she was gone, because she wasn't moving. I saw her head twitch, which was a relief, so I threw myself on her neck (if you immobilize a horse's neck, they won't panic as much when you try to help them) while Himself tried to free her. A few minutes and some bolt cutters later, she was free, I was covered in mud, and the fence had been taken down. Fun times! (No, SG hasn't learned - he's in the shop now trying to get the plane back working, so he can do it again. :bangs head:)

I think that's all......for the moment. I need to CO the 2nd sock...I want to get this pair done so I can start a hat for me for the barn. Then it's all kilt hose, all the time until that pair is done......:lol:


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