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Yesterday we took Auntie out shopping. She's having car trouble, and has *refused* to let anyone take it in to get it fixed. She says she doesn't need it, she can "go into a home and not bother anybody". :sigh: Not. Happening.

Instead, I volunteered to take her out once a month for shopping/etc. I don't mind; she's easy to get along with, and I am humbled by her faith - I wanna be more like her when I grow up! :lol: She won't consider moving in with us (yeah, it'd be a bit of a bother to shift things around, but it's do-able, and we'd work it out., she won't do it. :sigh:), so this is the next best solution.

Anyway. Got home and made 3 batches of soap (darn it, I forgot to mail out samples! Crap - they're boxed (no labels, just messy hand-writing.....but they're free and same recipe as the rest of my soap, so it'll work!) and I'll get them out today. I'm actually glad I forgot - 1 batch, Grandma's Flower Garden, is a total scent-fail; there's NO scent at all to it. :sigh: Need to tinker with that one! Oh, well - I have more laundry soap! :lol: (And yes, that's where fail-batches end up - I grind it up and make laundry soap. Why not?) - 1 batch of Chimera (Dragon's Blood scent), 1 batch of Grandma's Flower Garden (Rosehip Jasmine; I put in more scent this time - hope it sticks!), and 1 batch of Lavender Milk (Lavender, duh! No buds this time - just a softly swirled violet/natural bar.) My kitchen smells DIVINE - as does my dishwasher. :lol:

If we have time today, I'll make a few more batches - not sure of scents yet, but I need to use up milk and I am SICK of making cheese. :lol:

Not much else to report. I'm at the crown of Himself's hat - I downloaded the pattern, re-jiggered the decreases, and realized that it's easier than I had thought. Oh, well - it was worth the $5 for the light-bulb moment. I also have the kid's Hanukkah prezzies almost all purchased...this year, Himself wants Lego Star Wars sets. Oy! It's been a couple of years since he requested Legos - I had no idea they had gone UP so much in price (on eBay, I mean - I remember I used to be able to get them for 40 - 60% off. Now? Most of them are maybe $10 cheaper - when you figure in shipping, it's cheaper to get them directly from a Lego store. :sigh:) Herself's been easy.....but she's getting 1 "big" present, to make up in price for all his Legos. She's been wanting a Nintendo 3DS.....I talked to the guy at GameStop yesterday, and it looks like I'll be picking one up for her on payday. IF I'm lucky, she'll get a special edition one...if not, just a regular XL one. :sigh: Still cheaper than it could have been...but OY! Teens are expensive! :lol: (Not really. This is the one time of year I do go all-out to indulge them. MUCH cheaper to buy 8 semi-expensive things 1x/year than it is to spoil them all year long. And I've been able to get some things earlier in the year, which helps.)

Shabbat Shalom!


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